Brian Larsen - July 2022 - Evelyn, Evelyn (Amanda Palmer & Jason Webley) + First We Take Manhattan (Leonard Cohen) + Strange Life (Firewater) + Did You See Him Cry (Pavlov's Dog)

Thank you, Roger.
My subconscious may be telling me I can behave as ridiculous as I like, now that we have even ‘weirder’ folk like yourself in the Community :rofl:
I’m happy you understand :smiley:

@DavidP Thank you. As indicated elsewhere, it may be a while before you see the ‘belly’ :wink:
I just mentioned to Sandy in another post, that I no longer see barre chords as more difficult than open ones (and easier to remember song structures with, visually).
You have an elephant’s memory. I recall my early days comment about wondering how long I would stick around. I still haven’t a clue, but am happy to seize the days one by one :smiley:

It’s a ‘niche’ alright :laughing:
If there’s a gimmick available, I’ll usually throw it in, although most of my recordings are straight guitar & singing on my mobile.
I love to ‘play’ :wink:

@SandyMusic Merci beaucoup. Proof that my ‘distractions’ work :rofl:

In a previous life. In fact, I worked for a year in Nambour on the Sunshine Coast, including a couple of stints in the outback (St. George, Mungindi, Cunnamulla) :smiley:
I hung up my stethoscope after 8 years in '98 to become a ‘househusband’ and look after our 4 kids. The skull is a throwback to one of my favourite jobs when I taught anatomy in Dublin for a year. My wife is now my psychiatrist :smiley:

You may have googled them a couple of years ago. I mentioned them on the old forum when I was going to see Amanda Palmer in Manchester… :smiley:

@sairfingers Fair enough, Gordon. We’ll put that on th e ‘maybe’ setlist for our borders tour, along with the Handsome Family’s My Ghost (the one with the bag of dead fish).
I don’t want to become type cast so am working on a couple of oldies at the moment :wink:

@philsmith Thank you kindly.
The Devil makes work for idle hands.
Once you know the melody you just look up the chords on the internet and Bob’s your uncle :smiley:

Is it that obvious? :rofl:
Dreadful show, but with toddlers about it was unavoidable :roll_eyes:


Ahum… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

That said…showed this to my girl last night, and she really appreciated it too :joy:…and when I told you that you’ve been living virtually blind for a long time(…) she also feels sorry for you, (and no car for the time being)…she also goes through life as a 4 eye with a deviation of 6 (something) with cylinder, and without glasses (which sometimes broke) she is also totally blind.

(maybe I should use some words different , because if she ever reads this … well, then no cookies for me for the time being… (although she knows her Pappenheimer after 25 years :innocent: :angel:) )…
She called you someone with a good and rich imagination :sunglasses:, and she fears the days when I go to a special clothing store,…but that’s really not necessary I said
so (again :innocent: :roll_eyes:) ,
And for now these are enough feathers in your behind to go through life as a peacock for the next few months, right? :smirk:
Greetings :sunflower:


Stop encouraging him Roger. :rofl: Who knows what he will dream up next :scream:
:poodle: ?


I like to think I’m good at accepting compliments, so will graciously thank you Roger, but more importantly your ‘girl’, who seems to (mostly) recognise quality when she sees/hears it :wink:
I’m shakin’ my tail-feathers as I type… :peacock: :feather: :feather:

We all need encouragement, zen brother. Some of us just make a little go a long way… :rofl:


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Brian, you’re a genius! I’ve desisted in making a comment until I could contain myself no longer :joy:
The humour on your song and what’s ensued after it was posted is priceless, somehow or other whatever you do generally promotes mirth, that is truly priceless!


Hey Pink,
The hair is fitting on you mate. Is that what being an Innkeeper results in? Maybe it is better than hair loss?

Enjoyed your play, banter and vocals. All well done and good job of it there. I must admit you have a way with what you share and there is no mistaking it came from Larson… I mean that in a good way.

Keep up the good vibe and all the best!

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@DarrellW Cheers mate!
There’s always going to be some ‘Marmite effect’ when you push the boat out…
Others will judge your taste buds :rofl:

Thank you, @LBro
Didn’t want any ambiguity in the question: “Which one’s Pink?” :laughing:
Haha, I guess I’m blessed/cursed with a prominent ‘look-at-me!’ gene :roll_eyes:

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Brian as always full of surprises and entertainment :laughing: loved it, really got into the mood and reminded me a lot music in Sweeney Todd musical, very similar climate! Hope all is well with you and you will manage to attend on of the upcoming open mics, all the best!

That was awesome!! You are obviously a born entertainer with an … umm … “Eclectic” taste in music. And the wig!! I did watch the original and it also had great entertainment value.

@adi_mrok Cheers mate, yes Amanda Palmer has a penchant for ‘punk cabaret’.
Musicals, when done well, are one of my favourite genres :smiley:
Maybe another OM in the autumn!

@TheCluelessLuthier Thanks Mark- eclectic is exactly where I’d like to be :laughing:
They are a talented (even if odd) couple. They do traditional(ish) stuff competently too.

How about this one @sairfingers?

Hi Brian,
I’m not sure if it was allowed…but I looked too :face_with_peeking_eye:…and nice that it sounds :smiley: :partying_face:


Haha Brian. Can’t fault a bit of Ragtime. I know you don’t like bullshit so I just told you what I thought. :smiley:
I’m sure some of your alternative stuff will go down well on our Borders tour.

Edit. Ever since watching that video, every time I go onto YouTube Evelyn Evelyn come up. Thanks mate. :weary:

At least you have a choice of wigs now Gordon but suspect you’ll snaffle the blue on. :sunglasses:

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Now wouldn’t life be boring if we all had the same tastes and opinions? :rofl:
I’m fairly sure we have enough overlap in our Venn diagrams to be able to appreciate the bits that fall outside as well :wink:
Spot on re BS. I think I sprinkle disapproval more liberally than most…

@TheMadman_tobyjenner From now on, I shall replace wig with wiggle-stick :smiley:


After last week’s over-the-top gimmickry, normal service has resumed @ casa Larsen :smiley:
‘Normal’, as in start learning a song, become enthused and press record before it’s oven-ready.

@ToshS covered Hallelujah recently and that reminded me of this classic, although I based it on REMs cover version, which is far superior.
I’ve always loved the song, but actively disliked the chorus (too ‘boppy’), so took the liberty of substituting a chord or two to make it less cheerful.
I created a Trio backing track and asked Chris and my son Tor to record some guitar and bass parts but became impatient and went solo while waiting. I played a bit more loosely and relaxed than usual in the hope that the extra bit of overdrive would conceal all sorts of cracks. (Standing, with guitar strap a notch lower than usual to look less ‘dorky’.)

Apologies for the long duration. Complaints to Mr. Cohen, please.


MORE THAN ELSE???.. :scream: :hot_face:

:smirk: Well it didn’t… :rofl:
A 10 + for the effort, the standing and the rest in between…and the end with jengelstengel…But if I have to express personal preference, it was a bit too much with the distortion…

I did enjoy it though… let that be clear, but the sound from the speakers was a bit softer this time

Changing chords to the dark side? Hum, you’re not going Digger on us now are you? :face_with_peeking_eye: I mean I think most would say happy is good?

This is a little different than your normal fare and I like it. I also like the body color of the guitar with the dark neck and headstock. Looks cool… You got a good lean on that whammy bar!

Well dude, keep rocking and all the best to you,

Mr Cohen is receiving a lot of complaints today as I understand it.
Oh-oh. Whoops. Different Mr Cohen.

Have you heard Jennifer Warnes’ version?
First We Take Manhattan (Digitally Remastered) - YouTube

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That wouldn’t be a bit of borrowed chords in action would it?


I haven’t said bravo for the splendid entertainment my little chickadee.