Brian Larsen - July 2022 - Evelyn, Evelyn (Amanda Palmer & Jason Webley) + First We Take Manhattan (Leonard Cohen) + Strange Life (Firewater) + Did You See Him Cry (Pavlov's Dog)

Welcome to the dark side ! Those minor changes made a big difference. REM made it feel like a jolly holiday, glad you dragged it back to a full on assault. Nice bit of crunch in OD !
A welcome break between POD Go Videos, you’d love some of the tones and fx me boy :wink:
Great share top job.


Now then Brian that’s more like it. A proper song. Terrific stuff, that goes on the set list!
I thought the vocal was one of, if not the best, you’ve given us. If you were trying to give it the Cohen vibe you certainly achieved that.
You added your own spin with the heavy fx which I think really worked and the Trio backing was spot on. I don’t know which chords were the substitutes as I’ve never played the song, but they certainly fitted. Well done, that was excellent.

I think I know this best from SRV, but nice work with this!

Hmm, I’m unsure, what do we take after Manhattan? Not sure if I caught it.

I thought that was pretty good Brian. Good crunch tone.

You’re one of the community’s real performers - always great to watch the Brian show.

Berlin seemed to the place of choice. Perhaps with Brian’s love for the place, it tipped the song choice but I somehow don’t see Mr Larsen relishing NY. I oftened wondered where they were taking them. :wink:

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Where oh where will it all end, Brian. Fabulous the way you keep marching on. This sounded great, a punk rock vibe to an LC song. The backing on the Trio worked well though would have liked the drums louder. And vocal delivered with your usual flair.

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I see, didn’t quite catch that from the song… Seems aspirational, but maybe not the best logistically if planning to take a series of cities :thinking:. I recommend consulting a map :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


Long swim involved, perhaps better to start conquest taking London :laughing:


Well there would seem to be a Berlin in New Hampshire US. That would be closer. :rofl:


Berlin, USA, a town of 10,000 people and shrinking apparently! Less impressive but closer to manhattan perhaps?

@DavidP London would make more sense as a starting point, take London then Paris maybe, via the channel tunnel. Easier drive that way.

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Great entertainment once again Brian.

I thought the backing and distortion were great. Really well sung as well. You don’t need other people in your recordings as you do a cracking job on your own.

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The queues at British border crossings are somwhat delayed these days so not necessarily fast or easy! :wink:

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Shows what I know about the other side of the world :joy:

Why is that Richard :wink:


Well as we were heading north I would suggest London, Ontario and then Paris Texas. :rofl:

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Woah… This thread is getting away from me! Better catch up housekeeping :smiley:

Ooooh, funny teases… with a sting in the tail :scorpion:
Hit me again.
I like it :laughing:

The Comfortably Strange are probably my gold standard in terms of Community productions, but we need to tag @Digger72 properly if we’re talking behind his back :laughing:
I have @DarrellW to thank for the Daphne blue guitar. I grow fonder of it every time I pick it up. The satin-finished neck is just gorgeous to hold. One of these days I shall deface/personalise the body, as I am unlikely to ever sell it.
It looks a bit to ‘major’ to me- needs a bit of ‘minorizing:smiling_imp:

Didn’t catch the Cohen complaint reference :frowning_face:

And no, I had never heard the Jennifer Warnes/SRV cover. It’s her trademark vox all right and I prefer what they did with the chorus (even if I kept expecting her to break into the time of my life)
I based mine on this. You can hear the distortion on Peter Buck’s guitars what ‘influenced’ me
I also nicked some of Michael Stipes harmonies, which he does such a good job on

I still have to revisit the old forum to read through your treatise on borrowed chords. It would be handy to have something more substantial than my old sling, should the muse ever come to visit again :rofl:
Muchas gracias for the ‘comedy :+1:

@ the madman (too many tags, you’re omitted :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) The force is often strong in minor things :rofl:
More fuzz-fest than crunch

Haha, ta mate, but I’m under no illusions as to the flaws in this gem.
Glad we’re back on the tour bus.
First Manhattan, then Berlin, then…
Selkirk? :wink:

Jennifer & SRV, just watched that now. I see I still have a wee bit to go…

@ David (… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)
Cheers, mate :smiley:
It’s a bit hit or miss balancing the Trio+ levels when recording everything together. The most difficult is the vox-backing level (where to place the phone and amp adjustment). Then you have the individual drum/bass/guitar level on the looper. My phone often records different to what I hear live. In this instance, I had to turn up the bass to hear it properly while playing and indeed the drums do sound quieter than what I remember.
All good though, as this is supposed to be a ‘sketch’. I think I heard Tor messing about with a bass line yesterday and if Chris sends me some proper guitar, I’ll see if Mr. Kenny from Reaper can make me sound better than I am :smiley:

@jkahn Ta for the thumbs up :smiley:
As for all the geographical shenanigans, Toby got it right.
A famous Irishman (well almost) once said: “Ich bin ein Berliner!”. I know it’s a just a phase, but my fascination for the moment.
I will have to take Manhattan one day, as I went to an American primary school for four years, and my wife was born in New York. I’ve never been to the US yet. I believe that country demonstrates the best and worst of what humans are capable of.

@SgtColon cheers Stefan.
We’ll be expecting digital accompaniment from you any day now… :wink:


Lbro - I’ve spent the last year or so trying to move into the light - it’s a long road. Lol.
Thanks for the compliment. :slight_smile:

Hi Brian,

Loved this.
Very nice growl on the bass. Sets a perfect bedrock for the guitar and vocals.
Nice whammy use.
I think this style of music really suits you.
I’d stay in the shade a good while.

Really captured the REM vibe as well.
They did some great stuff. Country Feedback probably my fave.

Katja wants Berlin back. :slight_smile:


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I should sulk but then I would have to take you seriously :rofl: We get a great song, great performance and free geography lessons. Who is this man Hattan ?


Hey Brian. Thanks for Teaching me a new song. I was not familiar with this one. I went back and listened to both the Cohan and the R.E.M. versions. You were right, the area was much better and you did it justice! I really liked it :guitar::+1:

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SVR didn’t have Justin guitar community to help!

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