Brian Larsen’s original (plagiarizing) from the vaults

Our hard-working moderator @Richard_close2u has put in such sterling work, ‘curating’ members’ contributions, tagging and re-categorising that I decided to piggyback my ‘older originals’ from our previous address, chronologically under one heading. (is that a no-no? :laughing:)

The very first song I shared in AVOYP (and still possibly my finest work to date :smiley:) was an original I wrote, recorded and performed one morning, only six weeks after picking up a guitar.
The encouragement I received from the forum sent me down a spiral I shall never recover from…

I was sorely tempted to omit this, but it is part of my journey. It serves as useful lesson to cut down on ‘waffle’, as well as invest more time in, well, everything. Really, just swipe and move on. Sigh… :roll_eyes:

I’m a bellringer in the local CofE church. I have some ‘unorthodox’ theological ideation rearing its head in this song, which I’ve reworked a number of times. (This is the latest version). It could just as well have been categorized as a collaboration :wink:
Lyrics, blurb and bellringing terminology on the YouTube page.

Back to thieving. More altered lyrics and gimmickry. Meh :roll_eyes:
Killing You Softly

I think this was to celebrate my first year on JustinGuitar :smiley: Some of the name-checked playas are still in-house, some have drifted off, some have checked out altogether, RIP Hilts :frowning_with_open_mouth:
(One of my rare recordings without visuals)
The Forum :smiley:

Another song competition attempt to try and grab ‘my guru’s’ attention.
More visual gimmickry, but listening again, I might have another bash at this one day…
Summer Song :sunglasses:

There’s quite rightly a no discussing religion/politics policy in our Community. When the lyrics are part of the ‘art’, we turn a blind eye. Not a particularly successful song, but I must have been quite annoyed at the state things at the time. Bring out the uke! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Genesis 18-19

Actually, this is probably my favourite song. It was worth learning the guitar for by itself. Not because it is objectively any good, but because of its personal nature.
A close friend had died after long illness with breast cancer (I sang this song at her funeral).
I sat down one day and wrote a long list of amazing things that I had experienced in life (not all happy). Although there was no rhyme or rhythm, I wondered what it would sound like to a repetitive guitar in the background. It made my wife and sister-in-law cry. ‘Nuff said. :smiley: :cry:

Ha! I was ahead of the curve on this one! :laughing: Way back at the beginning of the pandemic when the evil virus was making its way to our green and pleasant land, I scribbled some topical lyrics to a great tune by the Dead South . It was my first foray into assembling a whole audio-visual extravaganza!
Covid 19 Blues (Judas Mix)

Again, something to swipe. I joined in one of the guitar challenges, an ‘attempt’ at improvisation (from someone who didn’t really understand what that meant)
Interesting visuals though :smiley:
Vincent Blues

Musical recipes!
I just had a quick search on Google and can’t find anything in this category.
This might be a true original… It really works!
Brian’s Brown Bread (the Soda mix) :smiley:

Creating something personal for someone you love is special. Here’s a song I wrote for my father-in-law’s 80th birthday. There are personal references that won’t make sense to the casual listener, but that’s not the point.
Happy Birthday, Grampa John :smiley:

Christy Moore has a song where he quotes a passage by Samuel Becket. I decided to have a go myself with a similar passage and this was the result. Oooh… wasn’t I arty? :laughing:

I was learning one of my favourite songs by a little-known Norwegian band, St. Thomas, but the lyrics made no sense to me, so I had to write my own :roll_eyes: A one-day-effort :laughing:
Goodbye Emily Lang

This doesn’t really belong here, as the only original bit is another ‘name-check-fest’ tagged on at the end. But it is good fun and sort of book-ends the forum one above :wink:
Ukelele Anthem


You may be on to something here, Brian, viz, creating a single topic with an always editable first post for a members originals is a good idea.

Still that issue that catches me, ie how do I know when you have added a new song to the Topic in a Reply, rather than a new Reply being just a reply from a member or or your response reply.

Maybe I’ll indulge myself and create Topic for my originals. Not such a big issue for me as I have ben far less prolific than your good self.

And I remember many of these songs with great joy.

Thanks for sharing. Inspirational


That was my initial thought when Richard started the category. However once he explained to me that you can just search the tags in any category for any member, that fulfills the function of a separate thread, no? (Of course, Richard will have to tag it first :wink:)
I thought I’d lump all of these together, as it seems more logical to have them all in one place (there were already links somewhere in my learning log).
You should definitely do one yourself. I remember a clock counting down and a relationship song at least… :smiley:
One advantage to sharing ‘early attempts’ is that it might persuade others to have a go.
It can be great fun (as well as ‘humbling’ :rofl:)

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That’s going to be fun to peruse later Brian, I never realised you were quite so prolific! Kudos :+1:


I’m gasping for breath :joy: :see_no_evil: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Jokes aside, good idea…will take some time to listen…

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Well David. You’re a mod and surely best placed to sort this latest ‘curated AVoYP’ issue out for us all. :+1::smiley:

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So that’s where we all went wrong!


Great stuff Brian. I got through the first two songs just now and will get through the rest in time. Really enjoyed both but especially loved Dead so thank you for keeping it alive :sunglasses:.

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Folks STOP! :rofl:

Your generous support is noted and appreciated, but this is not a ‘let’s post and look for comments’ job. It’s an aide-memoire for some of us ‘old-timers’ (mainly me). Anyone who trawls through these needs their head seen to.
By all means, read the blurb, and if you’re curious, have a look at one, but they’ve all had the full commentary treatment.
Seriously :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
We’re supposed to be playing guitar!
I broke my first pick today- Yay! :laughing:

(edit: I still have my collaborations from the vaults to organise! :rofl:)


Photo evidence required.

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19 Things has always been my fave.

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Well however many songs that is it puts to rest any notion that you spend too much time on the forum and not enough time with guitar in hand Brian! You’ll be putting out a double LP soon, good for you. I remember many of these gems :slightly_smiling_face:

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@batwoman You are a wise owl, Maggie and have an impeccable sense of what’s important :smiley:

@Mari63 Thanks Mari. I’ve learned shed-loads since participating here and been quite productive. I think it’s just time to focus a bit more on guitar technique now. You’ve not seen the last of me by a long shot :laughing:

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That’s true, Brian. And still maybe a single Topic that tells the over-arching story, a little bit like a Learning Log, might be good. Bottom line is you can make your own choice.

And as I said, the one thing I’ve not yet figured out is how to be sure not to miss new songs added to a single Topic eg when Mari added her latest Solo Blues study to her Topic.

@sairfingers A mod yes, Gordon, figuring out ways to go about things that are simple, effective, and keep as many people happy as possible … may need more super powers than a mere Mod has :laughing:

I suspect such an instruction is unlikely to have much effect, Brian. For members encountering your songs for the first time and who are inclined to reply, I think you can just expect comments, even if your intention is not comment-seeking.

I’d suggest a place for an aide-memoire might be a Learning Log post rather than a Topic in Community Recordings. But I can see advantages to the Topic here, especially if you continue to add the new originals with notes in the first post, even if the song is added as a reply in the Topic with just the recording notes and a link in the first post.


I also remember LP’s before they became albums!:joy:


Brian broke the intenet!


Top collation work fella, I love it. I did, of course, listen and like individually back in time as they were released. :slight_smile:

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Through playing or some other action? :wink:

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That’s so metal :metal::confounded::wink::joy:

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Hi Brian…
So ,Take your time I just reviewing all the videos because you so clearly ask for it :smile:

I’ve heard everything…I thought… but because @batwoman mentions 19 things (and I’m a big fancier of your 8mm movies )I’m very grateful to Maggie for you mentioning this because I had not heard this one :flushed::sunglasses:
So I don’t commentary anything, I just say this…Thanks… to Maggie :blush:


I used to be able to remember things like that… :roll_eyes:

@Richard_close2u You’ve kept your beady :eye: on me since day one! :rofl:

@nzmetal & @sairfingers :metal: :sunglasses: :rofl:

Underneath that funny/blunt exterior you are a sensitive, thoughtful guy Rogier…
Thank you :kissing_heart:
(but that also reminds me of this :laughing:)