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What exactly is the method of fingerpicking in this song. I don’t see Justin employing any form of alternate fingerpicking or traditional PIMA?

Mark Knopfler himself recognises that his unique finger style is not conventional and defies all the usual methods that teachers would teach. He only uses thumb plus index and 2nd finger.
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Yes, I understand that he uses mainly his thumb and index and middle fingers, but what’s his method in deciding when he uses which? In the “Brothers in Arms” lesson, Justin appears to mainly be using the index finger and occasionally the thumb, but what is the method behind it?

I reckon it’s based on what seems to be the best way for him personally which is also associated with years of playing, some habits created along the guitar learning process and experience acquired. You just can’t be too robotic about it, do what works for you best.

That makes sense, thanks! I guess I was justing hoping there was a consistency behind it, like his arpeggio technique in Justin’s other video, since that would help me out as a beginner player.

The more you get to advanced stuff the less it becomes defined how to play stuff, you are meant to figure it out a bit on your own. Perhaps not the answer you were looking for but I believe thats how it is :blush:

When you say beginner player Jeremy, what level/grade are you at, at the moment?

Why does it seem that the tab does not match the chords he is playing in the lesson?
Am I correct?