Brothers in Arms - Collaboration JK and adi_mrok

Hi All! No time no see, apologies for that :smiley: life is really busy lately but I still am practicing, just not finding time to sit around on the forum as much as I’d like. Anyway, I had a nice little cover on the works for a long time, but due to some other commitments I pushed back on releasing the piece. Anyway song is to good to keep to myself, therefore here you go!

Usual set up in place (Katana, Epiphone LP to Reaper), funnily enough I recorded the track end of March and took me couple of months to post it, life eh?! :smiley: I really enjoyed learning this song, to be fair usually when I sit on something for a few months repetition can get a bit heavy on me, but somehow not with this one. Always enjoyed playing it day in day out and still do, although at the moment parked it as life is too short to be playing one song all the time :smiley: I could focus on things I didn’t like about the recording, but trying to be on a positive note I’ll say more positives than negatives from my play! :smiley:

Special kudos to my pal @jkahn for helping with the recording. I hope you found it fun project to work on mate and hopefully in next few months/years time we can swap around and you can do the lead! That would be totally awesome :smiley:

I would love to promise you more engagement from now on, but being bluntly honest this might not be realistic. I got a bit more responsibilities at work and it’s taking quite a lot of time from me. Back in a day I had quite some time at work to sit and post at Community, right now I barely have time to keep up with stuff to be done! Anyway enough of personal life, it’s a guitar forum and not a whingefest :smiley:

Got so engaged with writing that I forgot to post a link haha. Enjoy!


So are Adrian and JK more relevant than Taylor Swift?

Nice work!


Beautiful guys. This was the first album I saved my money to buy as a kid. Always loved this song and you both did it more than justice. :+1::+1::+1:


Adi and JK, what an enjoyable 6:29 of guitar that is. Well played and just great sounds.


Hooray, it’s done! So sorry it took me a long time to record my bit, I got busy with some other things in life and had time away from recording - and hadn’t been playing as much.

@adi_mrok your playing in this is really good, sounds fantastic. I was happy to provide some chords for you to solo over. There was one tricky one in there, but for the most part, the challenge with the chords was learning the arrangement and fixing the broken chord sheets I was finding on the internet!


Good to hear from you Adrian. Miss your voice around the Community.

Fabulous playing, great tone and feel.

Love to see people collaborating here, nicely done JK.


@adi_mrok @jkahn such a great song, and you 2 have an amazing cover, I loved it.


Thank you very much guys, one of my all time favourites




Some nice playing there Adi, and JK with the rhythm completed the whole, good job :smiley: :clap: :clap:


One of my favourite DS creations. For starters @adi_mrok and @jkahn I was already getting goose bumps about 20 seconds in, so I knew at stage it was going to deliver ! On the MK side of things well played Adi some great tone going on there and wonderful backing by JK, super to listen to first thing in the morning and the sun has just poked its head out from behind the clouds. The only thing missing ? A little cameo style video top right of Adi singing !

Well done lads !


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Adi, JK, what a treat this was for us, and must have been great fun for you to practice and put together. It’s an incredible song and the below must be one of the best live performances ever. I would see it every once in a while. Such an amazing emotion there.

I thought you both were excellent. I loved your tone, very close. The spotlight here is definitely on the lead guitar, but the rhythm part isn’t easy at all.

JK, those were slow chord changes, but you definitely mastered your barre chords. It is a smaller screen with your pic in pic layout, but you played some embellishments with your pinkie, if I saw correctly?

Adi, that was smooth playing and in time, which is not easy with this song as it is slow and phrases are well separated. I thought your vibrato was unorthodox with planting fingers and the whole hand movement. It is Clapton-like, Justin mentioned this type in his lesson. For me the main “issue” with that kind of vibrato is that we tend to produce shorter and faster vibrations. However, I think in this song slower and more expressive wider vibratos work better. I do the same thing with vibrato, especially with my index finger. I am practicing now slowing and extending the range. I think the key here is to use the same technique (hand rotation) as for bending.

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Hi Adrian,

It’s a pity that you are so busy that your hobby time takes a bit on a backseat, but what does it matter if you can keep playing the guitar and practice and record this song with so much wonderful guitar :sunglasses: :clap: … nice collaboration with JK :sunglasses:


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Well, I’m damn jealous, that was bloody awesome guys :clap: :clap:. Seriously wicked guitar there Adrian, just loved it and JK, great job with the support, you looked very laid back and relaxed in your role :+1:

I have one query, I was hearing something that sounded like ‘plosives’ and it did seem to only be during the vocal?

Great work guys :ok_hand:

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Hey guys, always good to see either of you, but together- what a treat :smiley:
You’ve given so much to the community over the years, you can retire on your kudos and still maintain your goodwill.
That aside, this was very impressive. Over six minutes of flawless playing (to these lugs) and video to boot :open_mouth:
My recycle bin would be chock full of all the failed attempts.
I particularly loved the use of volume pedal (swell?)
The mix is spot on, but I miss Knopfler’s sensitive vocals. Did you consider using the Moises app with guitar removed? :thinking:

Written at the time of the Falklands War in ’82, I particularly love the final lines of the song

But it’s written in the starlight
And every line in your palm
We are fools to make war
On our brothers in arms


Spot on guys, really nice. I agree with Brian, great use of the swell, nicely controlled. Top job!

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Beautifully performed guys - it was well worth the wait.

I hope you manage to squeeze a bit of guitar time in in the future Adi, but I understand what a pain ITA work can be!

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Yes the standard barre chords are easy. There were a couple in this I hadn’t done before in the fingering needed - D#m/A# and F#sus4. The pinkie bit you see is an A-shaped Bsus4.

Really, it’s Adrian that did the hard work on this one. His playing in this is really ace. He deserves all the kudos!

The challenge for me is that I wasn’t familiar with the song at all at the beginning - I wasn’t sure if I’d ever heard it, maybe once or twice? So I had to approach it a bit like a session musician and listen to it a lot. And I found most of the chord sheets/tabs were wrong, so had to fix them up.


Excellent guys! This was such a treat to listen to this morning. I had completed a meditation class right before listening to this and it took me back to that zen place!

I still remember buying this album, many years ago, probably my first cassette (!) purchase ever. Still a treat especially with this spot on rendition.


For me, that’s one of the best songs ever. I grew up with DS and have heard BiA a thousend times.
Fantastic cover @adi_mrok and @jkahn :star_struck::clap::+1:.

Very soulful playing on both sides :blush:. What a great idea to do a collab :smiley:. Worked out perfectly :clap::clap::clap:.

Just a minor point: JKs volume appears to be a tiny bit too low in the mix. But this is just my very personal taste :slightly_smiling_face:.

This is an amazingly enjoyable rendition :blush:!!
Thanks a lot for sharing :hugs:.

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Stand up and take a bow my friend, that was really well played. You’re presence around the community has been missed but understandably so with life being busy.

Great to see you getting that first collab milestone ticked off @jkahn and nicely done my friend.