Browan377 - November 2022 - Free Fallin' + House Of The Rising Sun + Don't Come Around Here

Thanks goog!

I’m late to this Benji but I really enjoyed it especially when you freed up the vocal and let it go! Whatever you have for AV is fine so don’t worry about that! Everybody looks at these things differently even you will. Here is what I heard, a guy having a great time with a song he really enjoys. I felt that. What you are doing here is not easy so well done and keep doing it!….Rod

Thanks Rod!

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Excellent performance! Nice strumming and your vocals we perfect for this song.

Thanks cluelessluthier! Hope to post another soon…

Sorry if the guitar is hard to hear on your end still working on trying to get the most of my extremely budget recording equipment (my phone or computer). It took me too many takes to get this one right, so I had to move on… :sweat:
Thanks for taking a listen!


Excellent stuff again Benji. Just as good a performance as free fallin the other day ( perhaps even better as you added a harmonica ). Vocals again were really good and suited your voice. Nice job :+1:

Thanks Eddie, appreciate you taking the time.

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Damn, you’re combining finger-picking, singing, and harmonica. I can’t imagine how much work you’ve put in to be able to do all of that. I can’t wait to see how you progress. :smiley:

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Hi there…Very nice job! Your fingerpicking sounds beautiful and accurate and actually needed some more volume, but I enjoyed the overall performance nevertheless :blush:

Another enjoyable performance. I like the harmonica bit.

You have an exceptional timbre and I like your take and vibrato.
Be careful with your tendency to “yell” on the higher notes.

If you have a harmonica to match, try putting your capo on 7th and try if you can fit your chords there and tune down a bit. I’m very curious to hear you sing 5 half steps lower because I think there is actually a suave growl in there somewhere :smiley:

Thanks for taking the time kamkor, it took me many takes to get this one down.

Yeah, the guitar was way to low, not sure why that happened that time… Thanks Silvia!

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Thanks Jason!

Great suggestions Lieven. Do you mean to tune the guitar down and use the capo? If so, what would I be tuning down to? The E string to D and so on? This is a little beyond my knowledge. I play in different tunings, but only because whoever is teaching the song says so, not because I understand the theory of it. I definitely want to “find my voice” with the guitar and begin adjusting tunings to my voice so I can avoid yelling and other issues involving the limits of my range. Any advice is appreciated, and I will give it a try. Thanks for your time! Oh yeah, and I have no idea what harmonica I would need… :thinking:

Another cracking cover Benji. Loved the harmonica playing too. Great vocals as well.

My only slight niggle was and I don’t think I’ve said this before is your vocal drowned out the guitar playing. I know you’re only using your phone and laptop and I’m no expert but maybe some other recording equipment will solve the issue, either that or you just have a super powerful voice.

Not exactly tuning down but rather transposing the song.
I suggested capo 7 because I didn’t want to force you to re-learn the chord sequence.
That way you move down 5 half steps (from 12 to 7)

You can of course try that to; transpose the chords some steps down but that would require you to learn a different sequence of chords.

What I usually do when a chord sequence requires a difficult range for singing but just need to go down a few steps; is tranpose the song A BUNCH of steps down so I get flexibility of using THAT chord sequence with capo variations between no capo and fret 5.

Hi Benji, just coming from your Free Fallin’ post. Nice playing and singing here too. And you have added harmonica playing! About the sound level of the guitar, you can do some testing, doing short takes, playing with the position of the cell phone to find where the guitar sound is enhanced and where it gets muffled. For my recordings I use a free app called Dolby On (yes, from Dolby Laboratories), that has some basic sound and video editing. It works fine for me, but it may be just be the microphone of my LG 7 which does the trick.

Great tips. I’ll be trying the capo at 7… :+1: