Browan377 - November 2022 - Free Fallin' + House Of The Rising Sun + Don't Come Around Here

I love this song and how it is taught by Justin. I tried to upload the file but that did not work, so I posted my Youtube link instead. Let me know what you think if you would. I am using super simple recording devices at this point so please excuse the audio quality. Thanks!

plus …

House Of The Rising Sun

plus …

Don’t Come Around Here No More (on ukulele)


Good job, chord changes and strumming sounds very nice!

Well done, Benji. I really loved how you went for it on the vocal, too!

Your timing was pretty good, but there were places where it fell off or stumbled a bit. My only real suggestion for polishing this would be to work on making the timing rock solid. You could try recording along with a drum beat playing in the background (e.g., something from the LumBeat channel on youtube would work), or a metronome. That’s useful for your own review even if you don’t share the recording.

Anyway, I thought it sounded great. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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Fantastic Benji, great vocal range.

Yeah, I think the external site to post on is necessary then provide link you have. With YouTube you can always set as ‘unlisted’ (as opposed to private or public) then only those with the link would be likely to find it.

The recording is spot on, no need for studio gear for sharing and learning :+1:

Hello Benji, and welcome to the community :hugs:.

That was very nicely played and sung :star_struck:. It’s a wonderful song and I really enjoyed your version. I could hear and feel that you love this song. Great vocals, by the way :smiley:.

Well done :+1::clap::slightly_smiling_face:.

Really enjoyed that Benji, thanks for sharing! It suited your voice really well and boy did you give it some gusto!!
Really got the energy with the strumming, I was mentally playing the drums in my head along to it. Bravo :clap:

Great job. You got great voice for this song. Rip Tom petty. I used to go once a year to see Tom petty. Always during summer and at an outdoor venue

Fantastic Benji! Great introduction to the community. Your vocals and playing were great and you really got into the song and played with feeling and emotion. Loved it!!!

Sounded really good Benji, your vox range was quite impressive, I struggle with hitting all the high notes in this particular song throughout, especially the EE sound in Free during the chorus. Great introduction to the Community and I hope you will stick around and participate in other discussions too :slight_smile: all the best and welcome!

Welcome, Benji, quite an entrance.

Your method to post is perfect, just what we like. Don’t worry too much about the audio quality.

Enjoyed your rendition of the song.

I do suggest you provide a short intro (personal background, guitar history, and goals as a community member) in #community-hub:introduce-yourself

Welcome to the community Benji. Great first post. Audio quality seemed good to me as did the playing and singing.

Thanks Gina!

Thanks J, I need to start practicing with a metronome.

Thanks Liaty!

Thanks Nicole!

Thanks Notter!

Thanks Jason. I’m damn jealous, I never got to see him… :slightly_frowning_face:

Thanks Eddie!

Thanks adi, yup, I plan on sticking around. Yeah the “ee” is definitely a challenge, and it took a couple weeks to get there. Sorry neighbors!.. :star_struck:

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Thanks David, and will do.