Browan377 - November 2022 - Free Fallin' + House Of The Rising Sun + Don't Come Around Here

Not exactly tuning down but rather transposing the song.
I suggested capo 7 because I didn’t want to force you to re-learn the chord sequence.
That way you move down 5 half steps (from 12 to 7)

You can of course try that to; transpose the chords some steps down but that would require you to learn a different sequence of chords.

What I usually do when a chord sequence requires a difficult range for singing but just need to go down a few steps; is tranpose the song A BUNCH of steps down so I get flexibility of using THAT chord sequence with capo variations between no capo and fret 5.

Hi Benji, just coming from your Free Fallin’ post. Nice playing and singing here too. And you have added harmonica playing! About the sound level of the guitar, you can do some testing, doing short takes, playing with the position of the cell phone to find where the guitar sound is enhanced and where it gets muffled. For my recordings I use a free app called Dolby On (yes, from Dolby Laboratories), that has some basic sound and video editing. It works fine for me, but it may be just be the microphone of my LG 7 which does the trick.

Great tips. I’ll be trying the capo at 7… :+1:

Thanks for checking out my recording and the tips!

Yeah I noticed that too… Still working out my recording kinks, but that one was worse than usual… :smirk:

Well done, Benji, lots to be well pleased about in this recording, in every aspect … guitar, voice, and harmonica

I think finger-picking will tend to deliver less volume from the guitar and you were really singing out with gusto, so being in balance when recording with your phone always going to be difficult.

I wouldn’t worry about that too much. In time you may want to get more into audio production and then we can talk again. For now, keep doing what you’re doing.

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Thanks David. Yup, want to get a lot better with my audio production in due time.

Sounds good over here.

Your voice suits this song very well and I was pleasantly surprised about the overall performance.

Thanks Sebastian!

Greetings all,
I bought the Tom Petty For Ukelele book by Hal Leonard. Here’s one of my faves of his. The book doesn’t give any hints on strum pattern or anything so I just went with what felt best. Nothing fancy here, just playing a song I love. Hope you enjoy!


Great stuff Benji, nice to see someone else playing Ukulele on here!
Excellent playing and singing!
Haha the only thing I’ve posted on here is my Uke through a distortion pedal and playing the intro to Led Zep’s Kashmir ( Kashmir Tenor Uke Led Zep.mp3 - Google Drive )

Good job! Your voice works very well for this song, and I love the uke!

I’m looking forward to hearing more from you in the future.

Great job on the vox Benji ! And great decision on the strumming pattern, just go with the flow and play what you are feeling in respect of the original, works every time. No need to be clones after all ! Good to see some else abusing their thumb :rofl:

Another fine one Benji, I think with your voice you would do an awesome Daughtry cover. Great use of uke too!

Damn Darrell, that’s some serious Uke skills! Thanks for checking out my cover… :blush:

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Thanks Traveler, working on a few more right now. Hopefully I’ll be able to post another one soon… :guitar:

Thanks for checking out my video Madman. Hopefully I’ll post something else soon. Rock on… :guitar:

Thanks adi, I’ll check some Daughtry out… :guitar:

Terrific vocal there Benji and great uke strumming too. Excellent performance.

You’ve given me a notion to ask Santa for a uke. I’ve always thought they look good fun. What size would you recommend?

Thanks sairgingers! I recommend the tenor. I found it easier to play than the soprano, less cramped. I like the sound better too.