Browan377 - November 2022 - Free Fallin' + House Of The Rising Sun + Don't Come Around Here

Thanks skinny!

Nice job! I also love this song but I have a hard time singing along and keeping the rhythm. I’ve never been good at counting, always just “felt” the rhythm and strumming pattern. But I almost never sang when I played in my little garage band before. I really love John Mayer’s fingerstyle cover of this and would love to learn it as well.

Wow, your singing is amazing. Great post.

Brilliant performance! Very well played and sung! Thanks for sharing :clap: :clap: :clap: :slight_smile: :+1:

Oh, you are good. Playing well and great vocals. Keep them coming!

Myself I’m a singer first and I find that singing for some reason helps me keep the rhythm… :thinking:
I’ll have to check out John Mayer’s version.
Thanks Bryan!

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Thanks jkahn!

Happy to, thanks nzmetal!

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Thanks pkboo3, and will do!

Brilliant playing and singing Benji. You really nailed that one.

I’m looking forward to what you’ll be sharing in the future.

Thanks Sgt! I’ll try to keep them coming somewhat regularly, but it takes me a long time to learn each song still… :smirk:

Hi Benji, nice playing and singing for this song. Enjoy learning the next one, and whenever you have it ready, you can share it with us. Each song is a learning on his own. No rush.

P.S. I saw the next one is already in :slightly_smiling_face:

Man, Benji, that was really good. There were some issues but they were covered in previous responses and need not be repeated here. Overall, I think that your was cover of Free Fallin’ was really good. I just wish I had the guts to submit something. Your voice is definitely better then mine. Keep it going.

Getting closer to the next one… :blush: :guitar:

Thanks NolaBill. I can only sing the songs I love. I think if you choose to sing the songs you love then that will show through. Go for it! :star_struck:

Hi and welcome,
I love this song and you made it come back to life. I think you have it down pretty good. Just a bit more practice in the timing department will ace it for you. Your play and vox are great… so keep it up!

All the best,

Well that’s some entry Benji ! Welcome to the Community.
Nothing wrong with the audio quality and I thought you smashed it, especially with the vocals.
No critique from me as I just sat back and enjoyed it. One on my list but the vox would be a big stretch range wise but hey that’s what capo are for ! Well done sir !


Hi Benji,

Great job.
Top work on the vocal.
Loving the energy in the playing.


Very well done, great passion on the choruses. Really strong first post :+1:

Thanks Lbro!