Brown Eyed Girl

Here’s my version of Brown Eyed Girl I recorded about 3 weeks ago, but just never got around to uploading. Thanks for any feedback in advance!


Great stuff @Aidan5, I like your slowed down version and your voice is great, lovely relaxed rhythm too. I used this song to practice the ‘stuck 3/4’ version of the chords and have been playing it faster, you have inspired me to try doing a slower version - I see you are using open chords and a capo.
Have you considered learning and adding the opening riff?

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Aidan, nice work. I’ve been working on this one but the pressure is on now. The guitar was a nice solid pattern, just for me I might liked to have had a break in the pattern just a little more often or perhaps some parts of harder and softer pattern but I really liked the tempo and you have a great tone in your voice :+1: guitar sounded really good to me too :+1:

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Hi @Aidan5 Well done mate, this sounds awesome.

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Hi Aidan, super chilled version of a great song, nicely played and sung, it suited your voice very well.

A few subtle but effective touches with sus on your D chord. There were a few taps on the guitar body too it sounded like, not sure if they were intentional (sorry!) but sounded cool!

Are you planning on continuing to work on this? If so can I offer a couple of suggestions? First would be mixing up your dynamics a little, there were a couple of times you did here you went quieter on “Do you remember when…”, take it way quieter than you think you need to. The other would be to experiment with a different strum pattern for the chorus and sha la-la section, it’ll give you a bit of variety throughout then.

Great job though man, thanks for kicking off my morning with a great tune! :clap::clap::guitar::guitar:

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Hi Aidan,
I find this version of you much more fun to listen to than the one we are taught :sunglasses: :clap: :clap: :clap: :sunglasses:
Super … :parasol_on_ground:

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This is a great song and you did it up well…

Keep up the good vibe,

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Nice work Aidan. Very chill, as the kids say.


That was great Aidan, loved the tempo and what a beautiful guitar tone, you have a really good voice too. I’m learning the intro to this song but I think when I’m pulling it all together I may just steal your idea of slowing the song down :wink: it works!

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Nicely played and sung, Aidan! :clap:

I really liked the laid back and relaxed vibe of your version. Well done! :slight_smile:

You made it your own. Nice work.

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Really good job Aidan. Vocals and playing!

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Thank you KimR!

I thought I would go for a slowed somewhat swing version (mainly because it’s difficult at full tempo!)

I actually forgot about the intro, yes, I think I’ll give that a go! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you CD02!

Yes, agreed, I need to mix up the pattern for sure! I’ll have a think about how I can maybe introduce a different strumming pattern.

Good luck learning it and looking forward to your version!

Wow thanks Billy, looks like your first post was a compliment to me! :grinning:

Thanks Notter!

The taps on the guitar body were accidental to be honest haha!

Yes, it’s one of my favourite songs to sing so I’d like to polish it up further, thanks for the great suggestions. Have you any ideas on what strumming pattern I could use for the chorus?

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Haha super compliment Roger, cheers! :sunglasses:

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Thank you Lbro!

Cheers Michael! I was aiming for the ‘chill’ vibe - glad I somewhat achieved that :grinning:

Thank you Nancy, appreciate that!

Yeah slowing it down can definitely make it easier and it seems that it can work!

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