Bruce Springsteen - wreck on the highway

This is a short little Bruce Springsteen song called wreck on the highway. This is a one take from my porch this morning. Thanks for listening.


Some solid strumming there Eddie, nice version I enjoyed listening to this. Great song from an album not heard for too long. Thanks for sharing.

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Hey Eddie,

Very enjoyable start to my Saturday morning. Smooth, melodic, great vocal. All sat together perfectly. :clap::+1:
All the best.

Cheers, Shane


Hi Eddie.
That was a really cool song. Dont think i can recall that one, but i liked it a lot… nice sound from youre guitar, witch is pretty cool by the way!
And a great voice to top it of with… it was a great performance that i really enjoyed watching and listening too.
Looking forward to the next :grin:

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Thanks Mal. I appreciate you checking this one out .

Cheers Shane. I really appreciate your feedback and Thanks for taking the time to listen and comment.

Thanks Trond . It’s one of Bruce’s lesser known songs I guess but it came up on my YouTube feed a few months ago and I really liked it so decided to learn it. It was pretty easy to learn to be honest. Low Hanging fruit and all that :joy:.
The guitar is an Eastman . I bought it a few months ago and loved it from the minute I picked it up.
Thanks again for the listen and feedback! :sunglasses:

So good Eddie. Delivered like a master. If that was busking I would have chucked some money in your case and stayed around for the next one.

I will forever be jealous at how easy you make a great singing & playing performance look.

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You are too kind JK. I don’t think I am a great singer but certain songs seem to suit me while most don’t. There are a tonne of songs I can play pretty well on guitar but can’t sing them for the life of me. I sucked pretty bad at singing a couple of years back but just kept at it and at it and just like guitar it improved the more I did it.
Cheers again for the listen mate! :sunglasses:


Thoroughly enjoyed that Eddie. I enjoy Springsteen and you do a good job conveying the vibe and feel. Have to call out the ever so relaxed fluent strumming.

As for your singing, I think it may be better than you think (not unusual) and you have a knack of choosing songs that suit your vocal style. A lot of people may say Springsteen himself (and other legends) are not great singers from a certain perspective.

So just keep the songs coming, more one take recordings from the porch sounds good to me.


Hi Eddie,
This singing is really well done, I wouldn’t change anything about it…and with the guitar playing makes it together :boom: :sunglasses: :clap:

Love those veranda settings, now next time I’d like to see the view you’re looking at :smile: :sunglasses:



Hats off Eddie, I loved it. Nicely done and great backdrop :+1: sitting on the porch knocking out a tune what could be better.

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Great job Eddie excellent job bro

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Well played and sung Eddie. I’ve never been a huge Springsteen fan but I enjoyed your version of that lesser known one. Yes, finding the songs that suit ones voice is the thing to do.
Great stuff, well done.

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The sweet sound of your strumming is always a treat to my ears Eddie, and also your singing is very enjoyable…thank you for sharing it…

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Thank you David for your kind and supportive comments. I guess it takes time to get used to the sound of one’s own voice and what works and more importantly what doesn’t.
I did read Springsteens autobiography a couple of years back and he said in the book that he didn’t think he was a very good singer but he made the most of what he had. That’s the trick i reckon.

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Thanks so much Rogier and I always appreciate your comments and support.
Not much of a view out there to be honest, just our back garden which my son has turned into a soccer :soccer: pitch and a mountain of leaves :maple_leaf: that need to be raked. :joy:. That’s my Saturday sorted then :joy:.

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Doesn’t get much better than that Craig :+1:. Thanks for the listen and I am glad you enjoyed it. :sunglasses:

Cheers Jeff and thanks for taking the time to check it out :sunglasses:.

Thanks so much Gordon. Maybe I subconsciously choose lesser known songs so nobody will know if I butchered them or not :joy:. Thanks for checking it out!