Built from kit

Well. It took me awhile but I built a Stewmac LP guitar kit. Let me tell you that as an experirnced woodworker ( Not a Luthier) that you cant dpray laquer from a can and expect a factory finish. Second. If you do this plan on buying all new hardware as what comes in the kits are junk.
It sounds and plays very well. I spent a lot of time on neck and frets and setup.


Hi Dean,

Happy Nself-builtGD or week or month or …I don’t know what to call it… :upside_down_face:

But congratulations on the result, it looks beautiful :clap: :partying_face: :sunglasses:


Looks great Dean Happy HBNGD !!


Very Cool Dean!!!

One of my long-term goals, build & play my own guitar!

Congratulations on your successful achievement!!!

Tod in Albuquerque New Mexico

That looks great. It’s probably true that it’s difficult using a spray can to get a finish like a factory made guitar but it looks fantastic and I’m sure it must be very fulfilling to play a guitar you built yourself. I hope it sounds as good as it looks.

I’m planning on building a parts caster tele in the autumn, which I know is not making a guitar, but assembling the bought parts. Still I’m totally excited about having a guitar in the future where I chose all the parts myself.

I hope you do it. I learned a great deal. The gun really is in picking your own hardware and elctronics and making it all work correctly.
Thanks for the compliment and yes Im stoked about the way it plays.

Thanks. I took my time.

Thanks Toby… Hope your doin OK. You madman😁

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It looks beautiful! It’s important that it sounds and plays well, definitely, but it does have to look nice and even though you’ve said it’s not the same as a factory finish it still looks sensational, and very nice to have put it together yourself.

That’s beautiful, great job!

That’s awesome - Does it use a bolt on neck?

Just a suggestion but perhaps some wet sanding would bring up the shine of the lacquer more.

Hi Dean it looks good but I agree with you totally, I have built a couple of guitars myself and getting that finish is the hardest part. and it can be a challenge, when you finish I for one always sit back and think, god was that worth it ? probably could have bought one cheaper. but the truth is you done it yourself and when you play it mmm it feels a lot better its part of you mate I like it you done well cheers HEC

Good job Dean, the finish looks really well done. Did you use stainless steel frets? :star_struck: :smiley:

Wow, what a looker! :star_struck: Congrats on building it up yourself, Dean! :smiley:

Have lots of fun and joy while playing this beautiful guitar. :slight_smile:

Happy NGB Dean! It looks really nice.

No just plain old alloy frets

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Thanks to everyone. Play on …

Very interesting color; not your tpyical LP; I like it!

Looks like yo done a great job with that congrats!