Buonanotte Fiorellino 🌌

Hello Guitar Friends! This is an old italian classic, the title literally means “Goodnight Little Flower”, where the little flower corresponds to something like “sweatheart”. It’s a goodnight wish from a distant lover, “through the phone and the sky” and the lyrics depict beautiful pictures such as fields of ripe corn and little birds in the wind who never get hurt, lonely in the sun from dawn to dusk…

I’m very proud to say I’m playing it from start to finish from memory :partying_face:… Well…ok, it’s only three verses and just a couple of minutes long…:joy: but these are aspects I’m still struggling with (playing the whole song from memory) so I’m very happy with myself for having this little lovely tune almost consolidated in my repertoire…it’s one almost anyone would sing over here!

I learnt to play it in only 2 weeks, but I had 2 weeks of mindful listening and mental practice without the guitar while I was on holiday as well. Quite a few innaccuracies in both my hands and some unwanted sounds as remembering the next chord to play is what was absorbing my attention…please point out the things you notice I could improve!
Positive and negative feedback welcome as usual! Thanks for checking it out! :blush:


Sta canzone Bellissima, Silvia!
No criticism, just congratulations on a song well played & sung! Also, such a nice feeling to play from start to finish while remembering the song structure, chords & lyrics, no?


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Hi Silvia ,
There’s a lot to like…

:rofl: :joy: :rofl:

Before I clicked on your thread I knew I was going to say that… :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I really enjoyed it and will listen to it more often :sunglasses: :clap: :sunglasses: :clap: :bouquet:
Greetings and a big hug … :sunflower:

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Hi Silvia,

that was a beautiful rendition - brava, bravissima! :smiley: I enjoyed to listen a lot (the listens, to be honest, had it running twice in a row). :+1:

Your picking in 3:4-time seemed to be solid and smooth to me, beautifully sung as well. One gotta love these italian classics, especially when they are performed as you did, Silvia. :clap:

Did you use the capo to have it in original key or to fit your register? I had the feeling, the beginning was quite in the lower range, so I’m just curious and have the feeling, a few steps up would suite your lovely voice more. :smiley:

Congrats on playing it by heart - alwas a good feel and no matter how “simple” a song might be, it’s always a lot going on that can throw you off even in “easy” tunes. It will always be a great achievement you can be proud on! :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing this one!

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Beautiful as always Silvia. There is always something so soothing about listening to you play.

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That was lovely Sylvia. Loved the 3:4 timing and the Italian lyric and accent. Super fingerstyle and vocal and any string noise simply added to the very natural feel of the performance.
Well done.

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Another gorgeous performance, Silvia! Thoroughly enjoyed listening to this and well done on playing/singing from memory :partying_face:

I listened and watched the recording through twice, back to back, with headphones. As this isn’t a style I am proficient in, there was nothing I noted that I could suggest for improvement, I barely even noticed any of the flubs or unwanted noises you mentioned. However, what I was very impressed with was your confident chord changes and minimal hand movement. You have clearly worked hard on that and the practice is paying off :+1:
I also liked how you built the vocals in the song, although in saying perhaps you could let go even more, with real passion, as the song reaches it’s crescendo? :thinking: You have a beautful voice, let it roar! :lion: :wink:
The only other thing to note would be lighting on the camera shot, with the sun coming through from behind isn’t ideal for the clearest capture. A bit of back lighting is good for framing yourself as the subject, but having the majority light coming towards you (sometimes at a slight angle if you want that cinematic look :wink:) is generally the best, whenever feasible. In saying that, a minor aspect overall, and it was a loving setting you choose :sunglasses:

Well done again, an absolute delight! Thanks for sharing! :star_struck:

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Only two weeks, it is impressive! Well done Silvia!

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Really enjoyed listening to your performance. Nice way to ease myself into a new day.
Best wishes, Alan

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Hi Sylvia! I just came home from Italy yesterday, how nice to hear your lovely tune today and have some Italian vibes in the morning!
I’m impressed about the efficiency of your fretting hand while changing chords, very confident and precise at the same time! Even your cheeky pinky is well under control…your persistance pays off! Bravo for getting it under your belt within such a small amount of time. As Lisa already pointed out, the tune starts pretty low for your vocal range and your lovely voice, maybe worth to check out, if something could be adjusted with moving the capo?
I didn’t hear it (twice) with earphones, but on my device, I could only hear some minor “unwanted” noise. Nothing really disturbing.
I love the way you are working on your songs, to really work them out, should do this more myself. Sylvia, you are progressing very well :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:, thanks for sharing! :heart:


Buongiorno, Silvia :smiley:!
What a lovely way to start the day by listening to your recording :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. (I’ve meanwhile listened at least 6 times :smiley:.)
That was a very enjoyable rendition :blush:.
So well and confidently played :clap::+1:.
I admire you for your ability to switch to and from barre chords with such ease :astonished:.
Really well done, and that in only two weeks. That’s really impressive :+1:.

Like some of the previous commentators, I also want to encourage you to maybe try another position for the capo to suit your beautiful voice even better :blush:.

If I wanted to be very picky, I would also point out the light conditions of the recording, as Jeff @nzmetal has already pointed out. They distract a bit from your great performance.

And yes,

I know, that’s not easy. I’m also working on that. But I’ve recognized, the more I let go, the better it sounds (even when I don’t hit the right notes - at least, I’m out of tune with passion :joy::rofl::joy:.)

Very well done :clap::+1:!


Oh so pretty, Silvia! I enjoyed your post’s introduction about the song’s story, i.e., flower, birds in the wind, etc., - parallel’s with a couple’s love.

Your singing and playing are so pleasant to listen to. Your progress is rolling along so smoothly. You are a natural!

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Hello Silvia, that was lovely. A very enjoyable listen. Definitely one to keep in your repertoire locker.

As you have become more proficient in your playing, the duration it takes to learn songs within your play grade is reducing. You’re making super progress with your fingerstyle learning.

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That was lovely Silvia. I really have nothing to note than my enjoyment.

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Lovely playing and singing, Silvia.

All I wanted to say was said by Jeff, the part about the left-hand work. I also particularly noticed the control of the fingers and the way all fingers landed together for every chord. It looked so relaxed and fluent.


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Yeeeessss! :grin: Thanks a lot Tod, I much appreciate you gave it a listen :blush:

Rogier…just leave @DavidP alone :laughing: …he’s a gentleman to anyone here and always has a good word of encouragment also when apparently there are no things to like he can surely find one! And we all with a different mothertongue than english are very grateful to learn these useful expressions David! That said Rogier…thank you my friend, I’m really glad you enjoyed it :blush::blush::blush:

Hi Lisa! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I’m quite happy with the timing here, but not quite with the technique itself, as plucking 3 strings at the same time cause me some tension in the whole hand: I have to remind myself to do it softly and gently, as if caressing the strings, then I start thinking about chords and lyrics and the tension gets in the scene without me realising until I feel the hand hurts and I go “Gently Silvia!”

The capo is required to be in the original key. At the third verse the song steps up one tone and I actually feel more comfortable there.

Also @Helen0609 and @NicoleKKB have suggested to try and move up the capo: thanks girls I’ll try and see what happens, but I have to admit that finding out what my register is, it is no easy thing for me, very often I find myself singing very high and I wonder if I’m using falsetto or not, sometimes the struggle to reach the high notes tells me ‘yes, you’re in falsetto mode now’ but I do wonder about falsetto itself: if it’s a technique as such it only needs to be mastered, nevertheless it seems to have a negative connotation…:thinking::thinking: Anyway I know I have to explore more moving the capo, this is something I very often read in the feedback to my AVOYP…now it’s time to be less lazy on this and follow your kind advices!


@Alan_1970 @Eddie_09 @sairfingers @TheCluelessLuthier I’m so glad you enjoyed it guys! Thanks for checking it out, I much appreciate that and each one of your comments! @Eddie_09 maybe the soothing effect raises from the need to sooth my ownself and silence all the overthinking that would start in my mind…:thinking:…maybe…

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Ha ha Silvia :joy:
Just to be clear David if you’re reading along, I think the expression ‘a lot to like’ is a really good one and it emphasizes that an beginner player or sometimes just like us someday`s who do just a little too much wrong but there are also really good things… It very often covers the total performance (not now with Silvia of course, everything was to like there)… So @DavidP thanks again for the phrase :sunglasses:


Buon giorno, Fiorallina! :sunglasses:
What a lovely bit of Mediterranean flavour to accompany a sunny Saturday in the uk.
Thoroughly enjoyed it and great progress for such a short amount of time.
Bravo :sunglasses:

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Thanks Jeff, also @NicoleKKB , you are right, I felt I could let go more and actually recorded a few attempts where I sing with more passion before this…then inevitably my mind went blank and I forgot the next chord to play! When I don’t have to record I allow myself to be more passionate and just try to be self-indulgent if I get stuck: I think that while keeping on trying playing from memory my ear will develop more and tell my fingers where to go naturally…this already happened with Hallelujah and I’m confident it’ll happen with this one as well :blush:

MY FRETTING HAND @nzmetal @NicoleKKB @DavidP I’m just so happy to read all your positive praise :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: A lot of work still needs to be done, the position of my fingers in my barre is not ideal, nevertheless each single string rings out clearly…a little by little I’ll make them better! But what really I loved reading is

…the little wild beast has been attempting my mental health for almost a couple of years now :sweat_smile: …now it finally stays down on Cs and G7s…good little boy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m very glad to read this, I hope you enjoyed your holiday…have you been in the Lake of Garda area?