Bytron08 - April 2022 - Imagine Dragons, CCR, REM, Foo Fighters, Snow Patrol & more

Thanks you guys!! Glad yall like my rendition!! :slight_smile:

I sure am!!! :slight_smile:

Thanks man! Theres a couple of bumps where my voice goes hoarse, its from smoking cigs i guess i need to try to quit again :confused:

Do yourself a huge favor and walk away from the cigs. Not easy, I know. I quit more than thirty years ago. One of the best moves I ever made.

How long did you smoke for? Just curious

close to 20 years. Tried many methods to quit. The only one that worked was going cold turkey - after about six weeks a single puff would make me feel nauseous. Going out to a bar and not smoking was the toughest part.

Nice man!!! I smoke about a pack a day… How much did you? Ive been smoking for about 12 years now it is time for me to quit again lol. I quit for like a month and then picked them back up like a idiot :confused:

At my peak I was a 2 pack a day smoker. Now, I can’t believe how stupid I was. Or better, how smart I was to walk away and leave the cigs behind.

Lol yeah. Wow!! Yeah I really need to try to quit again I know I can do it!!

I read somewhere it often takes about 3 tries to quit smoking, before it finally sticks. So keep trying.

Nicotine is very addictive…so glad I never started…guitar is a much better addiction!

@Bytron08 I love that song…need to try it again soon.

Are you using the app? I’m pretty sure the vocal on the app is sung lower than Chris Issak sang it. Though maybe that’s a good thing…I can just just barely hit that high note in the original!

Can someone with better ears than mine confirm?

Another great production Byron of a superb song.

Thanks guys!! Sorry i havnt been on to reply been busy with work and such! Hope everyone is doing greaaat! Peace out!

Hey guys so this is probably one of the most hardest songs ive sang… It strains my voice SO much! I enjoy singing it though and its another one of my fav songs. Hope yall dig it! I do it different than the original. Demons Loop Cover - YouTube


I’m not familiar with the song Byron but I really enjoyed it. I’m not surprised it pushed you vocally but you did a great job.

Thanks Colon! :slight_smile:

My favourite Imagine dragons song. Good work Byron. You got me thinking about getting a boss looper and taking some Byron Lessons.

Haha yeah you should!!! :slight_smile: They are so fun!

Sup guys! Long time no see!! Haha! Sorry i just have not played or posted anything lately, I have been really busy with work here lately and im working 10 hour days so i dont have much time to record or play anything right now!! So i went back to listen to this one and I just wanted yalls thoughts on this one! I feel like i could do it better but man it pushed my vocals to the limits for sure! Though I dont think its that bad!! @Socio hmu if you have any questions!!! :smiley:

Hey Byron,

Good to hear from you mate. Noticed you hadnt been around for a little while. Work getting in the way of guitar - its just not right😜
Lookin forward to some more tunes when you’ve got time.

Cheers, Shane.