Bytron08 - April 2022 - Imagine Dragons, CCR, REM, Foo Fighters, Snow Patrol & more

Well done, Bytron. Great vocals and strumming.

Really enjoyed that Bytron. Well played. :+1:

That was great Byron. It amazes me how fast and how well you play the songs.

Sup guys so i finally did another looping cover!!! Man this thing is awesome! Haha! Loving it!!! Lemme know what yall think! Sorry i could not get the looper in this video my phone is acting up :frowning: Enjoy! I know its def not one of my best though so I may end up redoing it with better singing eventually!! Just not use to singing with my looper yet!! Take 2 guys, i think my singing was a little better in this one so thats why i redid it!! Enjoy! Im Yours Loop Cover - YouTube


Hello Bytron!
Interesting, fun work. You used the loop really well.
I’ve never tried it at all :crazy_face:
Waiting for new videos,

Hey crocodile hope all is well! Thanks man! Yes it def was alot of fun!! :slight_smile:

Hey, Bytron. Nice work with the looper and excellent timing throughout. I am in the early stages of figuring out my looper. You seem to have mastered the use of yours.

Hey Byron, man you’re certainly getting your moneys worth out of that looper and we’re getting the pleasure of listening to progress with it. You’re coming on leaps and bounds with it mate. Well done. Looking forward to your next looper AVOYP.

Thanks Chase! Keep working with it you will get there!!! Just think of music as in sections and you will be good to go!! Its really awesome for sure!!! :smiley: If you have any questions hmu!

Thanks Socio im glad you liked it!! Yes i most def am haha! Now to think of another song i can use it with!!! :slight_smile:

I redid it so hopefully it kinda fixed my vocals in it!! :slight_smile:

Nicely done, Bytron. I think you improved the balance of the layers, particularly the tapping on the guitar body.

Thanks David!!! :slight_smile: Think im starting to get the hang of this looper :smiley:

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Oh that was awesome! I’ve only recently seen the looper pedal in action when I saw Ed Sheeran perform with one on a video somewhere. Just went and searched for one of his and found him playing “ Bad Habits” with it.

I’ll have to go find your other loop cover now.

Great job!

Thanks Pkboo!!! Heres my radioactive looping cover if you wanna check it out also!!! :slight_smile: Radioactive Looping Cover - YouTube

My bros pooch is so silly and sweet lol. Trying to take a nap and all!

That was terrific Byron. You’ve really got the hang of that looper now. That could almost be a video tutorial on how to use one! Well done, I really enjoyed that.

Hi Byron,

I love seeing and hearing how fast you are up and running with that looper… :sunglasses:
Greetings Rogier

Nice job! that That came together really well - I have to get me one of those!

That was some super looping Byron. I love how it all comes together. Really good work.