Bytron08 - April 2022 - Imagine Dragons, CCR, REM, Foo Fighters, Snow Patrol & more

Strumming pattern was good to my ear Byron, well done.

Pitch of voice is also improving with every song, too. Sometimes when I’m practising singing, if I’m struggling to hit a note or there is a sudden pitch change, I find the note I’m aiming for on the guitar and strum it a few times, just with the opening word of the line, until I can hit it.

Top effort though, the lesson has only been up a few days!

Good job but I ended up watching the dog :laughing:

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LOL I just realized she was up to her shenanigans haha. Funny… She rolled over for a sec on the bed lmao.

Thanks liaty ill have to try that!

Another cracking tune Byron. :+1:

It takes me right back to my youth and I was singing along with you.

Thanks SgtColon!!!

Saw justins lesson on this today so i thought id give it a shot!!! :slight_smile: Enjoy! To The One ILove Cover - YouTube


Justin teaches, Bytron learns :grin:

Hey Bytron, I just so admire the way you can pick up a song, learn it (this time Justin’s lesson), and deliver a rendition within almost no time at all. And your first shares are always so good.

Having applauded that effort, not totally sure how best to comment and support your ongoing growth as a player and performer. So usually say nothing further.

This time maybe to share some suggestions to take this further. I think you have the technical ability to get closer to how Justin plays and sings the song in his rendition to start the lesson. I think you are close but perhaps not quite there on the riff, on the lyrics, on the tempo and vibe. I am sure with practice you could nail this.

We often debate the merits and approaches to playing covers in the Community viz. strive to copy the original or adapt and make your own. No doubt merits in both approaches depending on what you want to achieve through playing the song.

My suggestion would be that perhaps with a little more time and effort you could continue to develop your mastery through learning to play it just like the original and then be able to develop your own feel for performing the song for an audience.

And what a great song. If I may digress, REM was one of my favourite bands of the 80s into the early 90s. I had all the albums on CD and would happily listen to all 8, from Murmur to Automatic For The People. Monster was a disappointment to me and stopped following them in their later years.

I used to think of REM and U2 in the same breathe and listening to all the albums over the same period and my choice, if picking only one, would be REM.

So thoroughly enjoyed your choice to play the song after Justin’s lesson. COuld be one for my Dreamer list.


Thanks David, yeah your totally right! I need to spend more time on my songs for sure and get them down by heart! I think that would help me out alot!! :slight_smile: THanks man!


Another solid performance. Great job!

Your playing is good as always Mr B! You added the melody bits nicely as well. Keep firing these off and we’ll keep listening.

BTW, how did the session with the school kids go?

Thanks ct!! It’s not u til next month like around the 16th or so, I’ll def keep you guys posted!!!

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He swings, he hits and its another home run!

I have to agree with @DavidP as I have previously said at the level you play if you spent more time polishing them up you would be knocking them out the park.

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That’s a +1 from me too Byron.

Nice one Byron, another great performance.

Hey guys so i did this song awhile back and just wanted to do it again! Enjoy! :slight_smile: Times Like These Cover - YouTube


Another good performance Byron. You learn these songs very quickly. I’ve an interesting question not related to this song. Do you like the band The Jam?

Thanks Socio!!! Hmm Im not sure! Ive never heard of them ill have to check them out. Why?

Have a look at this video of the song The Butterfly Collector. It’s a Jam Song. Having watched quite a few of your covers and originals its a song which I think you could make your own with the Byron Strumming.

Hey Byron, this one was really good. I think the vocals were in your range much more so than some other ones. Nailed the song too. Nice playing dude, a great listen.