Bytron08 - August 2023 - Nothing Compares 2 U + The Scientist + Come Together (bass) + Separate Ways Instrumental Cover, Faithfully Cover, Keep On Rocking In The Free World

Hey guys! I have always wanted to do this song but never got around to it. Im a big fan of Sinead O’connor and Chris Cornells versions of this song. Its so beautiful.

This is probably one of the harder songs i have tried to do and took me quite awhile to learn it. I do it in my own way, but still feel i could improve, I know theres some issues, so hopefully with more practice of this song it will become better!! :slight_smile:

Hope you guys enjoy it! Cheers!

Heres a Instrumental cover of Separate Ways by Journey!! This was pretty tough!!! Lol!

Heres another cover! :smiley: I LOVE this song! Hope you guys enjoy it! :slight_smile:


Really enjoyed that Bytron, well performed and produced.

I think the mix on the guitar was better in this production, tone was warmer to my ears. The balance with the vocal also good. Look to me that you had a better position on the vocal mic.

Like the thumbnail image, simple title and credit screen. Maybe just place the ‘who did what’ at the end and leave it long enough for you to read it out aloud slow and steady.

Thanks David! I took some of your pointers into consideration!!! :slight_smile: Thanks for listening! I worked quite awhile on this one… I sung it over and over for like 4 hours lol. Probably one of the more difficult ones i have done!

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Hey Byron,
I enjoyed listening :slight_smile: It’s a beautiful song and I loved your cover version!

Thanks JasmineJ for listening!! Happy you liked it!

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I really liked your take on this on Byron. Everything is sounding really good as well. Nice cover.

Thanks man for giving a listen!! Glad you liked it!!

Hey guys! Heres another one! So i tried to mix this one myself, I still think i could get it sounding better but I tried lol. I mainly used Live for the editing. I used Reverb, and ThreeEQ on both vocals and acoustic. Man im bad at that type of stuff LOL! I did the Thumbnail my self and the video editing. I can relate to this song, so thats why i like this song! Im a sucker for ballads Lol! Enjoy!


Sounded pretty good, Bytron. Liked the head-voice in the vocal. Not sure about the body taps, I think I might prefer just silence for two beats.

I think your use of reverb was effective, easy to be a little heavy and over do it. I recall a tip that suggested when you get the level of fx that you think is right then dial it back just a little.

On EQ I suggest using pre-sets to give you a head start. I don’t know about Live but in Reaper the ReaEQ plugin as pre-sets that I have found generally made things sound better and could more easily tweak using my ears thereafter.

Ballad man is back! :grinning:

Your guitar sounds so nice! Flawless played too. Wasn’t a fan of the voice here initially but it grew on me after listening to it 3 times. :grin:

I don’t know if I’m stepping out of line here but I suggest sipping on a glas of hot water with a teaspoon of honey and some lemon juice in it before singing. It sounds silly but it works absolutely wonders.

Thanks Allaxxor for the tip! I was a heavy smoker at one time, hope it would help! Ill have to try it out.

Thanks David!!! Yeah i noticed Reaper has pre-sets! On Live you have to tinker with it yourself. I just find Live easier to use. Ill have to fiddle around with them more. I usually record with Live and then use reaper to mix.

Lol you listened to it 3 times? Haha thanks man!

Byron, can I please ask you to remember our one topic per month etiquette for Community Recordings.
You’re making mod work by posting multiple topics.

Oh yeah sorry! Ill keep that in mind!

Hey guys! So excited Lol! I went out and bought a Squire 40th edition Jazz Bass and decided to put all this together! Was a job haha! But it was fun! I kinda wanted to add some lead in there but did not have time. Hope you guys like it! Heres a updated version of Come Together!!! I worked my butt off on this one Lol. Lemme know what you guys think of the video work! It took me quite awhile haha! Enjoy!:slight_smile:


All your recordings sound faboulus Byron! :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck: All three are very enjoyable to listen to! :blush:

Thanks Silvia!!! :slight_smile: Happy you liked them!!! :smiley: Keep rocking!

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Hi Byron,

Really enjoyed your 3 songs. Thought you played and sounded great. I recall listening to Nothing Compares 2 U, over and over when it was released. I imagine quite challenging for the vocals on this one. Liked your video for Come Together, really kept my interest through the song and nicely matched instrumentation. Good job :clap: :clap: :clap:

Best wishes,


Thanks man! Yeah it took quite awhile to put Come Together… Together… Lol. Glad it kept your interest!!

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