Bytron08 - November 2022 - Free

I posted this one a while back and i think this is the best song ive done yet!! Enjoy! :slight_smile: Even my mum joins in on it!! :smiley: We need to def do more songs! ♪♫ Free - Alright Now Cover (: Acoustic Cover with Mama Bear!! :) - YouTube


Very well done. The rhythm and string muting is particularly solid. Keep them coming.

That was great Byron! Really well played and good vocals. Super stuff!

Thanks guys!! :slight_smile: Yeah i need to get her to do more with me just hard finding the time to :frowning: lol

I thought i could never do this song at the time i recorded it but i guess i proved my self wrong lol!!! If your a beginner just keep at it, and practice practice practice!!! Even if its only like 10 mins a day! :smiley:

Oh yeah well played and sang! Tell your mom, “Good job!”

Thanks pinpoint!! :wink: I been trying to talk her into doing more

Pkboo* crazy auto spell lol.

That was a great watch. Good to see you sharing a moment with your mother. A lovely recorded memory for you both.

Cool acoustic approach to this song; it has an energy that works well. Bringing in mom on the backing vocals is awesome, too, and really punched up the chorus. Well done, and pass on some kudos to your mom. :slight_smile:

Thanks socio and jwc!! I’ll make sure to tell her!! :wink:

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Well played and sung Byron and Mama Bear! A great version of a classic. Well done.

Thanks saris much appreciated!!

Yeah Byron! That was awesome and heartwarming to see the moment shared :+1:

Well, you have me convinced…i need to learn that! Lol. Solid run! Well done!

Thanks guys yes!!! Love this song!!

Nicely done, enjoyed the vocal reverb!

Thanks for sharing man, enjoyed it a lot.

Oh really good - I know it’s subjective, but for me this is the best song you’ve done so far. Superb arrangement, harmonies and even solo breaks!

Count me in on this one being your GOAT :smiley:
Apart from your usual solid strumming & vocals, you added in the post production, editing and never-to-be-underestimated family factor.
Vibes! :sunglasses: