C Chord Shape Explorer

Explore the C Chord Shape and learn new variations to play the C chord on the guitar. It's easy - and it sounds beautiful!

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To anyone who wants it, here’s the PDF containing the most important C shape variations.

C Shape Explorer

The PDF is still accessible on the resources tab of the old Chord Shape Explorer lessons that were part of the old Playground.

Another great lesson - thank you. I also like sliding the C shape up so instead of being played on the first three frets, it’s 4,5 and 6. I’m sure there’s a slicker way to say this but anyway the result is nice!

I guess that last question is a Cbb7. I was looking here to see if there was an explanation for C7 (dominant 7) not needing a G. I know it sounds fine without the fifth but I haven’t experimented to see if this is a rule that can be broken for other 7 chords or even major7 chords. I am working through the theory course but haven’t read an explanation yet. Is the answer a bit complex until you understand more advanced harmony?