Ca Plane Pour Moi. (Cover)

Hello To All

It’s been a really long time I haven’t come to the forum. It’s my first post on the new forum. Sorry about that, the year has been moving real fast… It seems I have lots of things to catch up with.

We did a new cover to go into this direction with Roman.
Roman did all the mix / prod, and the drums.
I did all other instruments and vocals.

We change the atmosphere of chorus to bring originality, and could match good with the chorus lyrics (“ça plane pour moi” means : everything is alright for me / but “plane” could be used when being high for example, smoking weeds or so, → so more quiet and less punk spirit) haha

Maybe you don’t know the original song :
Funny fact : it’s actually not even him who sings his own song in the recording (and he was also known for lip sync ! )

Here is our cover :

Yesterday was my birthday, and I got covid so I spent the day isolated in a new flat where I am moving in . There is no furniture at all haha. But I’am alright still ! Ca plane pour moi :wink:

Enjoy the song, and any feedback is more than welcome.

Have a good day



Kevin I’m so happy to see you here. Happy Birth Day for yesterday, I thought of you. :birthday: :clinking_glasses:

As always you and Roman have put together a tight production. It’s wonderful to hear you sing and play again.

Very sorry to learn you’ve succumbed to the virus. I hope you’ve got a guitar with you to help you through isolation! Get well soon :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Bravo Kevin!

That was a superb version. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s one I remember from my childhood.

Belated happy birthday for yesterday and I hope you’re over the virus soon.

Hello Kevin,

I really enjoyed your cover. Simply excellent :metal:

Hello Kevin,
That was dxmn good to hear :sunglasses:
And happy birthday :hatching_chick: :hatched_chick: :sunflower: :bouquet:

Greetings ,Rogier

Welcome back, Kevin.
We’ve been missing you- and how thoughtful to bring the Roman god along.
Happy Birthday! (It’s mine today :wink:)

I was 13 when this came out and remember singing Ca plane pour moi incessantly. Long pause with unintelligible lyrics till joining in Ou ou ou ou again :rofl:

Great choice to go with a tempo change on the chorus and I especially thought the Allez hop! worked superbly transitioning back into the speedy verses.

I just presumed this was a cover version of an old song, as The Damned released Jet Boy, Jet Girl in '78, but Wiki tells me it was a simultaneous release by Elton Motello. (Unsurprisingly, the English version about underaged gay sex with an older man did not enjoy the same success)

Sorry to hear you’ve come down with the virus and have to Isolate in an empty apartment :roll_eyes:
I hope you brought a guitar with you.
When you emerge from your cocoon you will indeed be the king of the divan! :sunglasses:
(Oh yes, don’t smoke too many weeds- it makes the cough worse)


Superb! super fast and super good…excellent cover version. Really enjoyed it.

Kevin :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave:

Man sorry I missed your birthday, would have sent a mail !! Bonne Anniversaire :partying_face:
But hey at least you are here now, did you get lost :wink:

Glad the apartment got sorted but sorry to hear about the Covid, bummer. Look after yourself :frowning_face:

Great cover by the way, loved what you did with tempo wise. Been a long time since I heard that one and never recalled the song title. Now it all makes sense. Loved it. :metal:

You need to head over here and let folks know all about our resident Parisian loon !!



Bonne Anniversaire M. L :partying_face:

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Hey guys

Thank you so much for the nice comments, and for my birthday. It means a lot.
All is alright here. I am just really tired with a bit of fever, but I’ll be fine.

I am glad you liked the song, we put lots of love in there with Roman.

Have a nice day all

Hey Brian, happy birthday to you mate. Enjoy the day it’s yours.


:bouquet: :sunflower: :owl: :guitar: :saxophone: :confetti_ball:
For you Brain

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Wonderful to hear from you again, Kevin.

And what a fitting way to make a first post here in the new home. I did not know the original but had a look, I think I prefer the this cover produced by yourself and Roman. Great job.

Belated birthday wishes and wish you a speedy recovery.

Well that was fun! Cool song, and I loved your version.

It’s got the punk thing going on, but for some reason (probably the French) it makes me wonder what it would sound like with a zydeco arrangement/instruments/spin.

Terrific stuff. Loved your version of this song. Well done.

Absolutely wild!! Enjoyed that a lot. Good to see you and Roman bringing the house down again with an excellent performance and production.
Happy Birthday, and hope you fully recover from the virus.

Nice to see you made it over here, Kevin, and that’s a great first post! Always love your playing, this one’s great, you and Roman put together an excellent track.

Sorry to hear you ended up sick on your birthday - Bonne fête anyway! :birthday:

Little hijack to say a big Happy Birth to Earth Day dear Brian. :birthday: :beers: :bat:

Thank you for playing this…I haven’t heard this song in such a long time. You play a good version of it. Je me souviens de cette chanson de Plastic Bertrand… Une toune pas mal le fun. Merci.

Bonjour Kevin, ça va bien? J’espère que vous vous remettez de la maladie covid!
It’s good to see you over here at last!
I remember this track very well, it’s a fun track and you’ve both made a great job of it, I really do prefer your version, it’s less like a Karaoke performance :joy:
I hope to hear more from you soon :+1::+1::+1:
Bon chance!

Hello Kevin and congratulations to you and Roman on arriving in the new community with a big burst of raw-power energy on this brilliant cover. What a team you make.
Sorry to learn that covid has got you - best wishes for a very mild dose and a smooth recovery.
Do you have a balcony in your new apartment? One on which you can entertain the neighbourhood like the last one?
Take care my friend.

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