Californication Cover - 1 year progress video

The travelling wilburys perhaps? :rofl:


As long as the first song we play isn’t the end of the line :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m in! :wink: Now who’s gonna play bass?


Maybe the madman can help us out since he bought a couple of bass guitars. Failing that there is always my Trio Plus :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Or we club together, buy one for our Aussie friend. Give the man a year we’d have Victor Wooten level skills in the collective :laughing:.


Bravo JK, that was really excellent. You would never know that you have only been playing a year. Truly inspirational, plus your supportive presence on the community. A big thank you and congrats. Cheers

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It shows that you practice a lot JK. We all struggle with stuff and then we end up mastering it at some point and then onto the next struggle :weary:. I guess that’s the beauty of learning the guitar as we are never done learning. At the rate you seem to be progressing you are well on the way to being really really good!

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Lol, I’ve got an octave pedal built into the amp… but we could just find a backing track with drums and bass already there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

BTW I bags being Tom Petty. Or maybe George Harrison, those two are my favourite Wilburies :rofl:

Thanks heaps Phil, that means a lot.

On the community stuff, it’s funny, I feel I’m one of the less positive ones as I always try to point out improvements (I can’t help it). It’s a real good community here for sure.

That was fantastic JK and to think you’ve accomplished this in 12 months. Well done!

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That was really impressive and inspiring, I’d never have known you were only a year down the line. Loved the camera close up of your finger work you’ve clearly paid attention to detail and all of your hard work has paid off :clap:t2: :clap:t2: :clap:t2:

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That all sounds good to me but unfortunately I’ve not heard the original so can’t compare. In fact it wasn’t until I started JG’s course that i knew this was by RHCP and couldn’t name another one by them!

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Nice JK,
You have come a long way in a year my friend! Very enjoyable performance, production and project. I liked the video and that GoPro is one sharp cam! It took great shots when you used it. Side by side as @DavidP mentioned would be a nice touch in spots. One suggestion is to use some fades. What video editor are you using? You could and should fade out the end and it would be much cleaner. Might try it when switching back and forth on your cams.

Play looked good to me and sounded pretty good. As @adi_mrok said, a bit more crunch might be tried, for sure on the solo.

Still marveling at your play after a year. Can you share how much practice per day we are looking at here, roughly?

Keep it up and you will be killing it down the road!

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Fantastic, after a year. So “Under the bridge” next ?

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Excellent. Very nicely played. 1 year in and you are seriously rockin my man…:clap::clap::clap::clap:

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That was super cool, JK! And that guitar is soooooooo RAD!!! :guitar: :heart_eyes: Loved the solo, tone was perfect. Well done mate!! :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Thanks Pete!

I’m glad you’re liking the fretboard cam, I got the idea from watching other YouTube videos. Thanks for the kudos Nancy.

RHCP are only one of the best selling bands of all time and one of the most well known rock groups of the last 40 years :wink:. Worth checking out if you like rock music.

Thanks LBro! Surprisingly I didn’t put much effort into the video. I used Cyberlink PowerDirector’s multi cam editor, it synced up the audio and I pressed 1 or 2 depending on which cam I wanted at the time, while mixing them together in real-time. Just tried to make the cam switches in time with the music. I try to do one thing new with the video editor each video I do. I put a lot less effort into my video editing vs the guitar (that is, the bare minimum :rofl:). Bare minimum + one thing new each time doesn’t take much time. The recording though… multiple takes to get it right.

Thanks for the kudos on the playing, in truth I don’t think I’m anything special, I just make sure I play every day. And I mean every day, I’ve only missed a handful of days in the last year, it’s not saying every day and then missing 2 or 3 days every week. I don’t measure it but it would be about 1 hour most days, some days less some days more. And when I say play, I mean play & practice, not watching YouTube videos with a guitar in my lap, that would be extra time. I already had a very developed sense of rhythm and timing as I drummed for years as a teenager (over 20 years ago but still, it stuck).

:rofl: It’s on the bucket list and I’ll attempt it sometime, I feel that one will take a LOT longer. It’s actually one of the songs I’ve set as “I know I’ll be a good guitarist when I can play under the bridge well, end to end, on time, from memory…”. Haven’t even tried it once though!

Thank you Ron, I know you’ve taken your play to a very high level! Funny, when I went to try out electrics before getting my Fender I realised I mostly knew acousticy type songs… my repertoire of rock is low, gotta learn more, this is one of the few, but I know a few more folky acoustic things.

Cheers Jeff! I’ve worked at this one quite a bit. I’m pretty keen to hear an AVOYP from you at some stage after reading your intro post a while ago!


Coming soon JK! Just putting something together at the moment, hope to post my first one in the next day or two… Scary! :scream::joy:

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It’s hard for me to tell much from a play over track. My untrained ears can’t separate the player from the recorded track. My bad. Here’s what I can offer:
I dig your passion and attention to details from what I could gather. I liked the camera angle from the neck – this is some really cool beans. That’s sort of how things go, when folks (myself included) don’t know what to say about someone’s playing, they go to aesthetics, attire (hats, shirt choices) and overall production value. Put on a drum and bass karaoke backing track and I could give you better feedback.

Hey @CT thanks for the feedback and for checking the vid out.

The backing track I used is just a drum and bass track (and vocals). The only guitar in it is the chords behind the solo, I looked for one that didn’t have that so I could do it myself but couldn’t find one high enough quality. The karaoke-version site backing track for this song is a bit rubbish. Here’s the BT I used to give you an idea: Californication guitar backing track - YouTube. So any guitar you hear in the track aside from the chords behind solo was me.

Glad you liked the neck cam :smiley:.