Californication - my first Strat recording

A classic song from one of my favourite bands. Decided to record the songs I kind of learned recently and a while ago. Forces you to really learn the tune from start to end.


Played the guitar tracks incl. the solo. First time I played a strat I recently bought from a friend who couldn’t believe I don’t own a Strat and want to play Red Hot :slight_smile:

Feedback and honest critics always appreciated! Hope everybody can enjoy some quiet times at the end of the year with the family and lots of guitar playing.



You’re making good use of that Strat Eric … nicely played all round. :slight_smile:

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Well that brightened the tail end of a Monday morning. Nicely played Eric. Might just revisit this one later, not played it for a while and always good fun. Thanks for the share, :sunglasses:

Definitely agree with what Close and Toby said. That strat has found a good home!

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The Strat is my dream guitar and you’ve really got that sound dialed in and what a great cover to boot! Are you using a backing track for the drums and if so was there an online source? Keep up the great Strat work!

Very nicely played and produced, definitely given that Strat a decent workout!

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Hi @kdickson519 Kevin

This time I found a backing track on youtube and downloaded it. I usually download every song track from (you pay a bit, but not much). There you can separate the bass, drum and other tracks and use the ones you need. Usually good quality but I didn’t like the Californication version because of the vocals. Hope that helps.



Yeah, I like this one to play. But, at least to me, it’s not as easy as I thought in the begining. But for an advanced player “piece of cake” :slight_smile: next I’m gonna try is probably a Neil Young song.

super cool! Really good & great song.

Eric I’d agree but I am only advanced in age. I still see myself as an Advanced Beginner. Looking forward to some Neil Young, :sunglasses:

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This sounds amazing, I aspire to get there one day :cowboy_hat_face:! Please keep on sharing for more inspiration.

Nicely done, coming from a big Red Hot fan! You asked for constructive criticism and I feel as a fan I am able and obliged to do so :grin:

Overall sounded really cool. If I had to pick weaknesses one is an easy to fix which is balance between backing track and your guitar - I know it’s kinda subjective but I feel since you are asking about your technique it should be in front of the BT, in here I feel it’s the other way around. Just a tad louder your guitar or less dB on BT.

And second bit I would work on is a solo - most you got okay, some notes were a bit out of time comparing to the original but that didn’t sound bad or anything, just different. One thing you need to work on are unison bends and in case you don’t know what I am on about it’s the bend of B string when you play E at the same time. When you bend your B string (which from my memory was it 16th fret?) you should bend it so it sounds same as note on E string and in the solo John is doing it quite quick. It’s a tricky thing to work on so focus a bit on that and I am sure in no time you will crack it :wink:

All the best and I am sure my comments sound way worse than you might think they do - you really did good job, I am just pointing out places to improve in IMO :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback. Both true and needs a bit more work.


The strat sounds good. You’ve got this song down pretty well. As far as constructive criticism the areas I would give some more polish are timing (focusing on the strumming and solo sections) and the bends in the solo. Great job!

Well done Eric! Excellent production and very well played.

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Cheers, appreciate your feedback. I’ll put some more practice in it!

Good job Eric, what a nice outing for your new Strat. I could only access a sound recording, and what I heard was easy on the ears.

Well done and thanks for sharing, Eric.

Beyond me to offer any further feedback.

I’m not into RHCP but am a big NY fan. So do you have the LP-style guitar required for NY playing with the Horse, or is this another prelude for GAS :laughing:

Hi David

Ha, thank god I am doing an acoustic guitar song as horses are not something I look for on, in and around a guitar :slight_smile: but a nice acoustic would be something to look into in the near future :joy: you might have a suggestion for me!

Have a lovely day.

PS: I got that with the “Horse”, just in case you fall off your chair thinking I really meant a horse emblem on the guitar (how dare you not knowing :-))


Really nice Eric. I haven’t got that much experience so can’t really offer any critique but it sounded great to me. I’ll be coming back to listen to it again. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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