Californication - RHCP


Hi everyone!
I have only recently started to learn full songs and record them against backing tracks - a New Year resolution! So here is one that I recorded recently. I recorded the solo separately to the rest of the guitar parts.
I have always loved this song and it was great to learn it and play along. Thanks for listening.


Hi @LesPaul65

That sounded awsome!!

Your guitar sounds supercool.

For a minute i thought you had the vocal as well… but that cant be, that has to be Anthony Kiedis :rofl:

Hi Les,
Sounded great on this end… I was not exactly sure though who did what. Nice job though.

Keep rock’n,

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Really nice work Stephen. You have every reason to be proud of this.

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Thanks LBro. I recorded the guitars. I only play guitar and don’t sing! Rest is backing track.

Thanks tRONd. I don’t sing I’m afraid so definitely not me! But not Anthony Kiedis either; it is a backing track from Karaoke-Version.

It did not sound like Kiedis in the start. But further out to the end it sounded like him.

Anyway… great played!! :+1:

That sounded great Stephen. Very well done and thanks for sharing it. A good source of inspiration to get me through my beginner struggles as well. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

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Sounds awesome. Keep them coming

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Great Job! Excellent guitar work. It was hard to pick out your part which speaks to how well you did.

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Very nicely played Stephen, that was an excellent backing track - will have to look there!
I really enjoyed this, it’s not a band I listen to much, but this is a track I like!

Thanks Darrell.
Whilst I don’t dig all the RHCP stuff I really love the 2 albums, Californication and By The Way. I like John Frusciane’s playing, and he seems to have a special relationship with Flea that transcends the music. They have a new album out soon so it will be interesting to see what they are up to now.

Hi Stephen, well done on recording your first full song, lots to celebrate! As a big RHCP fan I feel I can share a few comments with you about your recording as I know the song pretty well I shall say :grin:

The good thing is you played well overall, tone was sweet, good notes and most I enjoyed. Not an easy song even if appears to be on the surface.

Since you are asking about a critique let’s dig in. The solo - you need to play along a bit more to get bends a bit more in time, I think when you were bending it was a bit too slow. Going back to the rest of the solo - you went for a soft tone, fair enough it’s a personal choice. But at the end you got a bit out of time with the solo, slow down play along the original, wash rinse repeat this type of excercise.

And one more comment you started to play the second verse a bit too soon in 1:42ish, again play along the original and you will get what I meant.

I also think you should put BT a bit more quiet so we cam actually hear your guitar a tad better. Thats my personal view on BT if you are asking how did you manage to play a song. I wasn’t a big fan of the BT the accent was a bit too rough (and I am not native English so trust me when I know :grin:). You should be able to find original song with electric guitar muted on YouTube and you can download it as mp3, this would make it a lot better. Just a thought…

Don’t feel too roasted or anything, again most part was great guitar wise so well done.

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That was an excellent performance Stephen. Some nice playing in there and great vocals.

Some great points there for Adi though.

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:clap: :clap: :clap:

Bravo Stephen. Congrats on sharing, the first time I think, and an enjoyable listen.

Keep on practicing to work on the points Adrian was able to pick up (well beyond me to hear that, let alone play it).

Look forward to more from you.

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Hi Adrian
Thanks for taking the time to listen and offer these comments. Since seeing your post I have managed to find a couple of YouTube backing tracks as you suggested. I knew my recording wasn’t perfect (far from it!) and now I am motivated to revisit this song again soon with the original backing. Cheers.

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You did good don’t get me wrong, only small details to go through and you will have it nailed :slight_smile:

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Well done, Stephen. I have little to add. I agree with Adrian that there are some timing issues in the solo section, so my advice is to focus some practice on that, in particular, as you polish this piece. Thanks for sharing!

Hey thanks Jason. I am going to revisit this song in the next day or so and try to refine it. Cheers.

Good start on this Stephen, plenty of advice given previously, so you know the areas that need some focus. Boy I thought you had a good voice until you clarified it was the BT, not a quite an RHCP accent which threw me. Keep them coming.

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