Can’t help falling in love and Don't Cry

The other day I was at a friends’s party and this song was requested for me to play so I gave it a go. This was the first time I tried something with triplets. I came across an old video from Justin about ten years ago. Anyway this is it.

And Don’t Cry here


Good job on the triplets @SDKissFan

I enjoy this one on my acoustic guitar finger style, excellent practice for that tricky transition to a B7 for me.

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Jeff @SDKissFan
Lovely rendition, this song always brings a smile to my face.
Not an EP fan but it is played just before kick off at my football (not gridiron) team, forty thousand fans singing along and waving their hands, quite emotional.

Good job Jeff

Nice one, Jeff!
I enjoyed the relaxed vibe you gave to this rendition! Good to see you playing & posting again! Keep ‘em coming, buddy!!!


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Good stuff Jeff, can’t beat a bit of Elvis. Great to see you back posting your music.

This song was an epic failure earlier this year, so I put it on the shelf and decided to try again just recently. I think this version sounded much better. Of course it still needs work but improving. @tRONd had a sneak peek and gave me the advice to use e flat tuning like the original. This was my first try at that.


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I think you need a little more work on that one Jeff but keep plugging away at this and you’ll get it.

Hi Jeff!
Nice job on the Elvis song.
I have to agree with Jeff on the dont cry video that it needs some more work :grin:
Funny enough… the version you sent me a couple of weeks ago in standard tuning sounds a lot better :grin:
Keep it up Jeff!

Good work on the Elvis one Jeff. I hope it went down well at the party.

I’m with Jeff and Trond. Keep plugging away at the GnR one, keep that strumming hand moving and don’t forget to relax.

Good to have you back and posting.

Hi guys,

Thanks for listening and sharing the feedback. Someday I’ll get that GnR song sounding better. I think I will take a break from it for a while and try something else. If interested, this is the standard tuning version i did a couple weeks prior

Have a great week

Well done on playiong at the party, Jeff. You did well on the Elvis and as you say, the GnR is a work in progress. A good idea to keep practicing and playing songs and then come back again in a few months.

From a recording perspective, I think you may need to adjust the mic position (always find it hard to judge on a video) or maybe boost the gain to get a better guitar-vocal balance.

Hi David,

Thanks for taking a moment to review the songs. I think that microphone needs an upgrade. It is not the greatest quality and something is not quite right with the sound. The biggest struggle I have is consistency. I’m sure I’ve played that song out there unrecorded and it was 1000 percent better. I guess rote learning is the key to fixing that.

I often have to remind myself this is a place for learning and feedback not a talent competition, so I’ll have my success and failures mixed in here. My wife said something really nice yesterday, that I inspire people all over the world with my music. Every time I play in public I draw a crowd and I have been invited twice now to perform in Nashville TN . The next chance is next May if I decide to go. Much better than day 1 when nobody cared to hear me, especially my wife told me so . :joy: she said when we first met I covered my ears and ran for cover when you pulled out a guitar…not anymore. On to the next chapter.

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the honest feedback .

At least I was not lazy and stood up to perform right? Haha.

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Thanks Gordon.

That sounds like a cool experience. Thanks for sharing.

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Hi Kim.

Thanks for listening. A lot of people do the finger style. I’m not too great at it yet, so bravo to you for achieving that milestone. I was told this version brought a smile to a few people who heard it. That was nice to hear.

Yeah I didn’t do too well on that one, but thanks for listening. At least I have some decent songs out there. I’ll get there eventually.

Good on you dude! You went from, “I quit” to playing by request at a party. Play on playa!