Can we have a news section on the main JG website?

Any chance we can have a ‘news’ section at the main JG site. Does everyone who uses the JG site also use the forums? If yes then all good, if not how do they find out about the Theory Live Classes?

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… plus social media announcements for those who use such platforms

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I have the newsletter pref. set to on and see the what’s new bit but, unless I missed it, there is no details of this page So unless you have the newsletter or use social media you wouldn’t see it.

As this is news about Theory Live classes I would have expected it to be in the what’s new.

It is literally item #1 in the screenshot I shared.

Are you a subscriber to the PMT course?

If you were then you would have received an email invite for the first live session.

Also, if you subscribed to the newsletter, you should have received this on or around the 13th October:

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@Richard_close2u, @Majik, what Stuart refers to, I believe, is the announcement you can register to attend the Live Classes, not the publication of the recording afterwards.

That’s the point. Item 1 doesn’t have anything for this If you don’t get the emails or are on the forums then you wouldn’t know about it.


And what about this which came out via the newsletter yesterday Where is this in the what’s new section?

There’s also a panel about the live theory classes on the module plan for each grade.

Clicking on it shows more about upcoming classes.

Clubs are listed in the blue panel at the bottom.

They may be but only if you know to go looking!


That is now an option on here:

Clubs is brand new and has only had a ‘soft launch’ so far this week (newsletter announcement).

You had an early heads up.
The worldwide announcement has not yet happened.
There will be a big splash announcing the news in the next 24-48 hours on the website, on social media and more.
Given that there is a max of 300 per club on Zoom as is, having an early heads up is an advantage to be grateful for I reckon. THey may get very popular very quickly.


Go looking is great! Explore - there maybe some hidden gems!