Can you play a guitar in zero gravity?

Just thought this was pretty neat


A brief summary of what the video is about would be helpful, so people can decide if they’re interested enough to go look at it.

Good point. It’s an astronaut showing how he plays an acoustic in space with no gravity. First time I pasted a link so wasn’t sure if the video would show up or just the text.

Anyway, it’s nothing really… just a little guitar related tidbit

Edited the title for clarification


You could play a Les Paul all day long in space then, I suspect. :smiley:

Guitar in space

Yes you can :wink:



I can’t play with gravity


This is fun - especially when he just floats the microphone in front of the guitar.

This is, of course, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield. He performed this (and made a video!) while serving on the ISS. Here’s a nice piece from NOVA in which he explains how he did everything…it gives me all the feels! I’m sure this has been posted elsewhere, but it’s always fun to watch again.


I am just happy enough to be able to just plod along playing on the ground.

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Nice video, thanks for sharing.
I especially love the floating microphone :grin:

And I’m quite astounded. Always thought that there isn’t any sound in space, because without air it has no way to travel :thinking:
So I just expected the “Sound of silence”.
OK, video has proved me wrong :wink:

Fortunately, there is air ( oxygen )in that vessel :sweat_smile:



What do you think they are breathing?

In actual vacuum of space there would be no sound