Can't Edit Own Post Title?

I see people are editing self-post titles, especially their learning logs or AVOYPs, to add things like “x update added!” like this one:

but I do not seem to be able to edit mine. When I edit the first message of my post, the title text box is disabled. Is there a special permission or a certain experience level to be achieved before that option opens up?


I was able to edit it earlier, but no longer. I added the 3rd installment, I would like to edit it either to take it back to just ‘Tony’s learning log’ or something else but to no avail. Have tried several different ways and several different browsers.

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Pretty sure we only have a limited time to edit titles then no more. You could ask a mod to come and edit it. I’m sure they’ll do it, but that could definitely get tedious.

It’s not that important to me

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Totally. It’s one of those things that I feel like we should be able to do though. Not just for learning logs but for general posts. I bet it’s just a limitation of the application the forum runs on.

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@Richard_close2u @LievenDV Guys, would you mind providing a definitive response on the how the system is setup and what platform constraints there may be.

@tony Tony, happy to update your Learning Log title to what you’d like it to be. As a Mod I seem able to edit Topic Titles in perpetuity.

We used to be able to modify titles until this happened. I think this power was moved to mods only.

@Socio Thanks James … that is a mighty impressive memory of Community events! You could be right.

What I don’t know is whether or not there is some config setting that would allow the person who posted a Topic to edit their own Title, in the same way that the platform can be set up to allow indefinite editing of the Topic’s First Post.

Hopefully Richard or Lieven will take a look and be able to provide feedback. As just a Mod I don’t have permissions to look at these settings, which Richard and Lieven can do as Site Admins.

@DavidP - you are cool. Just “Tony’s Learning Log” would be awesome

I’ll check it out tonight when I get home after work,
All this doesn’t sound like desired behaviour and at least I didn’t change anything to rights of user groups.

To be continued.

The settinga only allow the topic content not the title to be edited. All updated titles you see have been edited by the moderators.

Not sure if this might help in unravelling different permissions but I have been able to edit the title of my learning log whilst others haven’t. So it seems the system is still allowing some people, if not all?

Thanks for looking into this. I also googled this a bit and it does not seem like Discourse has the option to allow people to edit the titles of their posts other than for a period of time.

I have just gone through all settings for every sub-category in Community Recordings and ensured they allow users unlimited edits to their ‘FIRST POST’. The settings do not mention, so it seems they do not allow, unlimited edits to topic TITLES.
The settings in Learning Logs are set exactly the same.
If title editing has been possible it may have been time restricted and that is not an option we have at our disposal, it may be a Discourse platform feature.

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