Capo - recommendations please

Who would like to help me spend money on GAS in the form of a quality capo?

My first capo needs to be retired as the rubber is perishing and cut up. I thought it was my rubbish playing till I looked at it.


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Hi Maggie!

I really really like this D’Addario capo I have. It’s light and small so it doesn’t get in the way, has adjustable tension, and real easy to put on with one hand:

D’Addario Pro Capo, Adjustable Tension, Black

I’ve read great things about Thalia capos as well if you want to get real fancy but I have no first hand experience with those:

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@SS7 thankyou Ivan, I like the look of the A’Addario very much, for the reasons you give. I watched a video and learned that there’s no need to retune when the capo gets moved or removed. Re-tuning is a pain, especially doing an OM.

The Thalia capos look clunky. I like the streamlined design of the D’Addario.

Thankyou very much. Now to source one here in Aus!

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I use a G7th because it’s so easy to use and very consistent and durable. Well worth what it costs!
I use the Performance 3


For ages and ages I just used one of the really really cheap (sub £4) capo’s off ebay or amazon and in all honesty they worked absolutely fine and generally no problems with them. I did get a new Donner one for Christmas, another budget one but a few pounds more and it is much better finished and a better spring overall - again it works.

The nicest ones I’ve actually used are the G7th Capo’s but they are £30 and upwards. I guess you do use them for a long time so it’s probably not a bad investment but I’m happy with what I’ve got for now and they all do the same job IMHO.

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I use the Shubb C1N. It’s easy to use, has adjustable tension and doesn’t get in the way.

I’ve read good reviews on the G7th too buts it’s a bit more expensive.


I’m also quite the fan of the Schubb capos.



Thank you for raising this. I have been messing with the acoustics the last few weeks for the first time in ages and find my 20+ year old capo a right pita, got it when I bought my ancient Encore. It works fine and still has good tension, it just gets in the darned way ! So I am off to Thomann for a browse.



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I use the G7th performance capo and I am happy with the purchase. I like thats its small and easy to use.


I use a D’Addario one that came free in a magazine offer and it works perfectly!
The cheap ones can be a bit hit or miss depending on the profile of your guitar neck. The more expensive ones will have a greater degree of adjustability I suppose.

Edit : This is the one I’ve got. I’ve just looked it up and it’s better and more expensive than I thought. It was a good magazine offer!

D’Addario Guitar Capo –NS Tri Action -For 6-String Electric and Acoustic Guitars –Micrometer Tension Adjustment for Buzz-Free, In-Tune Performance -Single Hand Use –Integrated Pick Holder -Black


I have a variety of capos but the one I use is the G7th.

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This D’addario Artist is my go to, adjustable, on/off with one hand, well made just does a good job. And I do like being able “park” it on the headstock.

I’ve also got one of the D’addario Lite capos which I got with a pack of strings. It’s surprisingly good, although the rubber is starting to show a bit of wear.



I use an Ortega twin capo (for flat and curved fretboards) with my 6 string guitars

And a G7th Newport with adjustable tension with my 12 string

I’m satisfied with both of them.

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We’ve used Kyser capos for years and have always been happy with them. I actually just broke one a few days ago so I was going to get another one (even though we still have I think 2 more in the house). They cost $30 in Canada. While I’m at the music store though I’ll look at other guitars too. I mean capos!!!




Canada Gas

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I have a Thalia capo and it is a beautiful machine! Very solid, very functional, and includes inserts to match most fretboard radii. More expensive than an average capo, for sure.

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I second @mari ‘s comment on the Kyser‘s, Maggie. I bought mine (the only one next I use to a not-so-good Dunlop one I keep at the Van-Guitar and never use much) back in 2006 and it is still in perfect condition, no bad rubber or loose spring whatsoever. Plus, I think they look nice and not so bulky.


I have Thalia capo, looks beautiful , like a work of art, has all sorts of options but I never use it as it is quite chunky and I struggle to not find it impeding me. i do have quite short fingers so that might be a factor along with maybe my poor technique ? My friend has a Thalia and seems to think it is fine for him, if you have the chance to try one before buying I would definitely recommend that. I have tried a few capos and keep coming back to my cheap and cheerful Jim Dunlop but as you mentioned you pretty much always need to make a tuning adjustment after fitting it although I am not sure if there is really a capo which does not need some tuning adjustment after fitting. Good luck Eric

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Maggie this is more sales hype than fact. If your guitar is perfectly set up and the intonation
is perfect you wouldn’t need to re tune.
But guitars are made of wood and humidity and temperature can change both the set up
and intonation of a guitar daily.

As for the type of Capo I use it an old Kyser don’t use one enough for anything fancier.

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