Capo - recommendations please


You might get better performance from it than I did. I hope you do.

No, it’s too late to return mine now. I’ll keep with it for a few more months and see how I get on and if I’m still struggling I’ll look at buying something in the same style as the first one I had.

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Try Thalia capos, they are from the USA and not cheap, but beautifully made and come with different rubber inserts for different neck radius sizes. Best capo I’ve ever seen.

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My G7th arrived today. I’m very pleased with it. The difference in tone is quite remarkable. I also like the ease of use and it’s streamlined design.

Thankyou friends for helping me spend my money on gear, your help is appreciated :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

@SgtColon Stefan are you still having problems with your G7th? I found I get a clear, pure tone by:

  • Making sure the capo sits snugly against the neck

  • Putting the capo approximately 2 mm behind the fret

  • Making sure it is parallel to the fret. I got some string buzz in the high E when it wasn’t parallel to the fret.

  • Then squeezing firmly. I don’t have much strength in my hand, you may not need to squeeze so hard.

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Well all this talk about capos and the GAS hit again. With the Gretsch finally in my hands I could check the colour and order a strap and STRAPLOCKS (don’t want another Cherry incident), a mini tuner, some Elixir Nanoweb 13s for my acoustics and wait for it

one of these

And very nice and ergonomic it is too, plus it did not break the bank.

Thank for for everyone’s input.



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@batwoman Maggie, I do still have problems with it from time to time, inconsistent I think they call it :smiley: so thank you for the great advice, I’ll give that a whirl and see how I get on. :slight_smile:

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@SgtColon I hope you find a solution Stefan. It might be a matter of tweaking the placement. :crossed_fingers:

I haven’t played with the capo on most of the frets, nor with a pick as yet, will do that tomorrow.

This has been an interesting and entertaining thread. Reading about all the different brands I didn’t recognize had me wondering which other one (or ones) I should try.

I’ve had the same capo for 6 yrs now. I really like it and came to the amazing discovery today that it’s a G7th - the Nashville. To me, it works really well, doesn’t show significant wear, goes on easily with one hand (most important to me) and can be stored on the headstock. Was <$20 if I remember correctly.

G7th Nashville

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I have Nashville as well, very solid and fits wide necks (classical guitars) although it is significantly bigger then Performance 3.

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I’m glad that you are happy Maggie :slightly_smiling_face:, this model is remarkable. You just use it and forget about it.

@SgtColon I would check the guitar itself, I had a lot of string buzz on classical crossover guitars, regardless the capo.

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@29PAS That made me laugh Chip and you’ve given me some info I wanted - that the capo has served you for 6 years. I paid AUD85. My capo might outlast me :laughing:

Good point @RadekSiechowicz Radek. Since I’ve been playing with the new capo I’m hearing clearly where my strings are in need of changing. Till now I assumed it was 100% the result of my poor playing or a worn out capo. It really does give me a fuller tone, more colours.

@batwoman , @TheMadman_tobyjenner
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Radek, I think it was just me not placing the capo correctly. I have had my guitar checked just before Christmas as I had a fret that had popped.

I’m happy you sorted it out! I know how annoying the string buzz can be, I send back two guitars because of it.

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It’s great that you enjoy your new capo. :slight_smile: I had the same dilemma and lesson All About Capos | helped me decide what to buy.

I ended up with G7th Performance 3 and recommend it too - works great on both acoustic and electric guitar. The capo I had before was recommended by the store clerk and it was very bad… Hard to put on and guitar was going out of tune. Bottom line, I think it’s worth to invest in a good capo.

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I also had a Kaiser and a Dunlop.

For me at least, the Kaiser was a lot easier to use, even though they look more awkward.

It’s just ergonomically better than the “trigger” style, like the Dunlop.


Wow, all these comments about a new capo… love it!
I never much bothered with what type, make or model of capo I used. I didn’t much use one when I was playing, so it wasn’t important. Now, however, I’m performing a couple of times a month with another singer who also plays bass. His vocal range is slightly different to mine so I employ a capo on a fair few songs.
To that end I took a chance and bought a G7 performance 3; it really is very good! Is it better than other capos on the market - I don’t know. But it was good enough for me that I bought a second one!
Happy hunting

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Hi there, for a reasonably priced one I just got the Earnie ball axis. I thought it pretty good…
(Ernie Ball Axis Dual Radius Capo Gold Satin