Catalina Island- Self-esteem

Hi everyone.?I’m over on Catalina Island for my birthday and decided to post this video. This is not a new song as I’ve done it before for an open mic here, but it’s a milestone for me. This is the first time I could sing and play without cheating and looking at a song book. I had to do this while a small crowd of onlookers watched and battled the tide coming up. I was originally standing but the ocean was rougher than usual and affected my balance. Los Angeles is a tough crowd but a few people were pleased with it. I’m still gradually coming back into public places to play. Anyways hope to enjoy the scenery before back to work tomorrow.


Nice one Jeff and what a beautiful place to sit and play guitar. :sunglasses::+1:

Gorgeous setting Jeff! I wish i was a brave as you to play in public like that. I admire that you can just get out there and play. By the way you are smiling towards the end of the song, I can tell you are having a good time.

I like that your acoustic/open chord version of the song gives it a unique flavor. :+1: :+1:

Glad to see you back into guitar, sharing recordings, Jeff.

Many happy returns!

Happy Birthday Jeff. Good to see you back posting recordings. I think this is probably your best YET

This is definitely a milestone worth celebrating and should be considered the defining moment. Apply the same approach to all songs you record going forward.

I think this showed in your performance. Keep it up.

Belated happy birthday Jeff and I hope you had a great day.

Nice location for a song and sounding good. You know it would have been more rock and roll if you’d stood on the wall and played. :wink:

Happy Birthday Jeff :birthday: and very nice to see you back with your guitar!

This is something to be very proud of. Not so easy, but when I nail a song and I can play it from memory I always feel so proud of myself ! And it gives the playing a whole different feeling! Well done…enjoy that beautiful scenario!

Cool stuff Jeff. Wish i could be in California right now and not in the arctic sea with storm and snow…
Keep at it!!!

Good job Jeff and happy birthday

Happy birthday Jeff and I enjoyed your song as well :wink:

This makes me smile so much Jeff, and in front of an audience no less, massive kudos to you! You pulled that off really nicely and to see you smiling is the biggest bonus of all. Hap-Happy Birthday.

And then chucked your guitar into the ocean before diving in after it!! :rofl:

I think Slash did something similar in the GNR don’t cry video… threw that guitar off the cliff. Thanks for watching. I was enjoying that experience playing at the edge of the ocean for sure. Have a great day.

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Thanks Eddie. This beach is further to get to than the main one in the center of town. I still had some curious beach goers stop to listen.

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Hi Jenn,

Thanks very much for listening. I’ve been playing more electric lately but easier to take an acoustic guitar out and about. I’m glad you liked my take on the song. My Catalina routine is now at least one music video from the beach.

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Hi David,

Thank you for the kind words of encouragement, especially when I was struggling personally. I’m taking a different approach this round, but thought this video was such nice scenery that I had to share with the group. I’m trying to take a step back and sharpen up the fundamentals, but will share a few videos here and there. Catalina Island is kind of like my second home, tranquil and friendly people there. Have a great day.

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Very nice and relaxed playing there Jeff. Great location and to play in public gets an extra round of applause from me!:clap::clap::clap::clap:

What a sweet spot for playing guitar and celebrating your birthday - all the best for you Jeff! :four_leaf_clover:

Good work on the strings, well sung - all from memory! What a milestone to achieve, you can be proud, mate. :smiley:

Hi James,

That compliment means alt “best yet” as in even greater things to come in the future. I appreciate you listening and sharing your thoughts. I hope to continue working on mastery of a few songs at a time for a better performance. Have a wonderful day.

Hi Stefan,

Good one. I was about to stand for the song and it was suggested I sit in that wall so the tide didn’t carry me out to sea. I guess that would have been a unique affect- wave crashing over me and still playing in time lol. Thanks for listening


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Hi Silvia,

Thanks for taking the time to listen and for the birthday wishes. My wife “Silvia” said the same thing. It makes a big difference when you look at the camera and you’re not fumbling through a song book to get through the song and smiling helps. Silvias always know best😎

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