Celebrating my 2nd Guitarversary with a new recording😃

I can hardly believe it, but this week was my 2nd Guitarversary :star_struck:.
To celebrate it with you, I did my best on getting a song ready, I’ve been working on for several months now.
In the beginning, I started with a very simplified version (only one and the same strumming pattern the whole song through), but this didn’t feel satisfying. So, I started to change the pattern by playing the root note at the beginning of each bar. Then I realized, that in the original version, it’s played with alternating root notes.
OMG, that was soooo difficult to get it right (especially at a higher tempo :see_no_evil:).
But still, I was not satisfied with my version, so I tried to figure out the different strumming patterns of the original and practiced them. Finally, I ‘pimped it up’ with some hammer ons (at least I tried, as I haven’t learnt this technique yet :sweat_smile:). This was the point, when I said: Stop. I have to record it now, or I will never do it.

The singing part was a challenge of its own, as it forced me to strech my voice range significantly.
But here it is. And it is what it is - a never ending work in progress with several mistakes. But despite its imperfectness, I’m proud of it :innocent:.

By the way, I still love this song :grin:.
It’s by one of my favourite singer-songwriters, Frank Turner. The story he describes in this song, really happened to him. And he’s not proud of it. Nevertheless, it’s a fun song, and some day, I will be able to play it without concentrating that much :sweat_smile:.

Any comments, feedback and tips are highly welcome :smiley:.



Well played! Really dynamic picking and strumming made an excellent accomoaniment to your very good singing.

Happy 2nd guitarversary!


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That was really really good Nicole. I have followed a lot of what you have posted ( it seems longer than 2 years) and the improvement in your playing and singing has been so noticeable. I have been playing a couple of years longer than you but at 2 years I was nowhere near your level. Superb performance :sunglasses:!

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Happy 2nd Guitarversary Nicole! :tada: :partying_face:

That was fantastic! The playing, strumming and singing! You should be proud! :star_struck:
I hadn’t heard the song before but I enjoyed your version :smiley: :sunflower:


That was terrific Nicole - a lot of great skills on show there.

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Wow, Nicole, that’s amazing!! Happy 2nd Guitarversary! :smiley: It’s obvious that you have achieved a lot in just two years and especially I like your consistency and dedication! Also, it sounds like you put a lot of thought and effort into this song, I like it, well done again :+1:! Plus, a cool song choice. Doesn’t this remind all of us of our younger years? :thinking: :rofl:


Happy 2nd Guitarversary, Nicole :partying_face:

And thank you for celebrating this event with us and sharing your beautiful performance :sunflower:
Great playing and singing! It is a pleasure to listen to this catchy tune :guitar:

I haven’t had my first Guitarversary yet, but it is very motivting and inspiring for me to hear what (much more) advanced students have achieved already. :clap:

Happy Easter :hatching_chick: :lady_beetle:


Superb Nicole, and happy 2nd guitarversary! You’ve made awesome progress, so great to see and clearly plenty more to come.
Big milestone :+1::guitar::slightly_smiling_face:


Excellent Nichole!
That was really fun to listen to.
I love your finger pickin the bass line. It really keeps the song moving along. Bravo!

I sure get what your saying about the singing and playing at the same time. I find it hard to do too.

You should be proud of that song. It’s fun to listen to.
Thanks for sharing.


Happy 2nd guitaraversary Nicole! Wow that was terrific. Super alternating bass thumb and the strum pattern really suited the song. Great vocal too. You’ve come a long way in two years.
I don’t know the artist or the song but I enjoyed your version. Very well done.


Well done Nicole. It seems you put all of your all nervousness into writing your intro, because your performance was quite confident. Bravo!

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Wow, wow, wow - that was great! So much going on there with the alternating bass, boom-chucka rhythm and a couple of hammer ons. And singing!

You should be proud of that. And happy 2nd guitarversary. Onwards and upwards.

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Nicole, it was a wonderful, sincere performance, which is always priceless :+1:
Your efforts have been fully rewarded :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks and happy anniversary to you!

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Wow, that was great! Happy Guitarversary!

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My dear guitar fellows, before I answer to everyone personally, I want to say a big THANK YOU!! to all of you for celebrating with me, and for taking the time to listen to and comment on my recording :hugs:. Being part of this wonderful community is definitely a huge motivation for me :star_struck:!

@beejay56 Hi Brian, and thank for your kind words. The original song has a lot of dynamics in it, and I’m happy to read, that I could bring at least a bit of that into my version as well :blush:.

@Eddie_09 Hello Eddie, so nice to hear from you :smiley:! It means a lot to me, that you like my performance. Especially during the last few months I had the impression that I was not progressing at all. This particular song, as well as some other guitar things, took and still take so much time before I can see considerable improvement. It’s good to hear, that it was worth the effort :slightly_smiling_face:.

@Avalon426 Hi Jasmine, thanks so much for your positive feedback :hugs:. I’m happy you enjoyed my recording although the song was totally new to you :smiley:. Maybe you like to check out the original. Frank Turner is such an impressive performer :star_struck:.

@mathsjunky Hello Paul, thanks a lot for your motivating words. I think, I learnt more by working on this song, than I’m aware of (at least patience and endurance :sweat_smile:).

@franzek Servus Franz! Ich freue mich, dass dir meine Cover-Version gefallen hat :smiley:.

Yes, definitley. I looove Frank Turner, and I wanted to cover one of his great songs. In the beginning I thought, this one would be quite easy (no F chord in it!!). Oh, I was sooo wrong :sweat_smile:. But I’m happy, that I haven’t given up :innocent:.

To be honest - no :see_no_evil: :grin:.

@Gunhild Hallo Gunhild, voll lieb von dir - danke!! Time is running so quickly. I can hardly believe, that it’s already two years. To read that my performance was motivating and inspiring to you, makes me blush :smiling_face:.
Happy Easter to you too :rabbit2: :rabbit: :hatching_chick:!

@Notter Hi Mark, thanks for the listen and your kind words. Yes, it’s kind of a milestone. I’m glad to hear, that you like it :blush:.

@HappyCat Hello Jim, thanks for your positive feedback. I’m glad that it was fun for you to listen to.

This makes me really happy, as this technique was the most difficult part for me :smiley:.

@sairfingers Hello Gordon, I thank you so much for your kind words. Your feedback really means a lot to me. When I tried to record this song yesterday evening, I thought about you and your fantastic ability to do ‘one takes’. With this song, a one take is absolutely out of reach for me at the moment :sweat_smile:.

@mfeeney0110 Hi Michael, and thanks for the listen and your kind feedback :hugs:. When recording, the main problem for me doesn’t seem to be nervousness but distraction. (When I perform live at the community Open Mics, it’s both :sweat_smile:.) And this song requires so much of my attention that I felt quite tense while playing. But I’m happy, that I appeared to be more confident than I felt :grin:.


@jkahn Hi JK, thanks a lot for taking the time to listen to and comment on my recording. It means a lot to me that you like it.

Yes, that’s true :grinning:. I think, it was good to start very simple and to slowly build it up. Otherwise, it would have been overwhelming for me, and I wouldn’t have dared to give this song a chance :slightly_smiling_face:.


@crocodile1 Hello Leo, thanks a lot for your motivating comment. Your feedback is highly appreciated :hugs:.

@TheCluelessLuthier Hi Mark! Thank you :hugs:! I hope, some day I’ll be able to perform songs as chilled and relaxed as you do :slightly_smiling_face:.


I think this is an excellent performance Nicole. Got to say I would never have dreamed of attempting a Frank Turner song but your rendition has made me think twice!
Wonderful job👍


@mikemycroft Hello Mike, oh great, you know Frank Turner :smiley:! He’s hardly known here in Austria. It was really by accident, that I got to know him. He was the supporting band of Billy Talent in 2022 - and what a positive surprise :star_struck:. I liked his performance even more than the main act :blush:.
He has so many great songs, but most of them are too difficult for me at the moment. ‘The Real Damage’ appeared to be doable. I’m happy when I inspired you to do a cover version, as well :smiley:.

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Hi Nicole, Happy 2nd Guitarversary! :guitar::partying_face::blush:
Wow, I’m well impressed…only two years and you’re already achieving so much! Your recording is really good and it was a very enjoyable listening, I never heard the song but it seems like a fun one and I got into the groove of it while listening! Nevermind the imperfections or the concentration, it is a neverending process and you’re doing so well! Thanks for sharing your recording and enthusiasm as well! :blush: