Celebrating my 2nd Guitarversary with a new recording😃

Great work Nicole. Are you really only two years in?

You nailed the song - some bits take the vocal range up high too, which you handled perfectly.


Nicely done Nicole, sound strumming and alternating bass and the singing was spot on! Only 2 years in, you’re doing great - keep it up!


Nicole, you are doing so well and learning so much. You can watch your own progress and instinctively know what you need to add to it. You are a quick learner. I’m impressed and proud for you. Congratulations on your two-year Guitarversary!!


Congrats on your 2 year anniversary Nicole, what a wonderful performance. The thumb picking and strumming patterns looked fancy and sounded great, along with your singing. It looks like you’ve put in a lot of effort and dedication to be playing like this at the 2 year mark :smiley: Well done.

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Wonderful Nicole, all of your hard work is certainly paying off :star_struck:

Happy guitarversary :partying_face:

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Holy smokes, Nicole, that was brilliant! :clap: :astonished: A new song to me, but loved it! Having the bass notes accentuated makes it so compelling to listen to and I couldn’t help thinking of you sitting in some cafe/bar somewhere, belting out that tune to an appreciative audience! :smiling_face: And to reach that in two years is no mean feat! In fact, having tried several times to tackle alternating bass notes and falling miserably, let alone singing over the top, I tip my hat to you, fair lady! :pray: :pensive: Well done! And congrats on another milestone achieved! :smiley::+1:


Hi Nicole and happy guitarversary! I really enjoyed that song. Seems like you had plenty going on with both the right and left hand and the singing but it all came together. Thought your rhythm was really good. Great job!

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:scream: :mega: NICOLE NICOLE NICOLE…

That was a fast and wonderfully played and sung song…and a lot happened there…what a way to celebrate your two year milestone ,you are good … :clap: :clap: :clap: :sunglasses: :bouquet: :man_bowing:
Thanks :sunglasses:

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Hi Nicole,

Great job and nice even melody with the finger strumming. I love that you pushed through the difficult challenges and showed your success story. I hope to celebrate many more guitar anniversaries with you. Tschuss.


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Happy 2nd guitar anniversary! I though your cover was brilliant and very enjoyable. It’s really interesting to see your progress in 2 years, it all sounded so good and thanks for sharing with the community.

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Happy 2nd guitaraversary Nicole! :partying_face:

You have a lot to be proud of here! I am not familiar with that song, but what I heard sounded fantastic :clap: You really had a lot of impressive dynamics going on with your playing and doing all that while singing is quite a feat.

I hope you recorded yourself when you first started learning so you can see how far you’ve come in two years. I used to get mad a Dan when he would record me practicing after I first started, but now I’m kind of glad he did :laughing:

Congrats again!!

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Hi Nicole,

Great work I say :clap: :clap: the rhythm worked well and sounded good. Definitely not an easy song to keep that rhythm, picking and singing all going together :+1:

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@SILVIA Ciao Silvia, thanks a lot for taking the time to listen to and comment on my recording :hugs:. I’m glad you like it :smiley:.

Yes, absolutely. In German, we have the saying: ‘The path is the goal.’ - meaning, it’s all about the process :innocent:.

@twistor59 Thanks, Phil, for the kind words :hugs:. They are very much appreciated :blush:.

Oh yes :see_no_evil:. When I started working on the singing part (several months ago), these high notes were absolutely impossible for me to sing.
My vocals cords simply said: ‘No!’
I’m happy, that they finally changed their mind :grin:.

@DarrellW Hi Darrell, thanks for your kind comment. This song is still work in progress for me. But I’m happy, that I’ve already come so far :slightly_smiling_face:.

@pkboo3 Hello Pam, thanks for checking out my recording and your motivating words :hugs:.

To be honest, I’m actually feeling very slow :see_no_evil:. This song took so long to reach a level, I felt content with. After two years, I’m still at grade 2. But meanwhile that’s fine for me. I know, it’s not a race. And my main goal is to build up a nice repertoire to bring some joy to me and others :innocent:.

@Dro_1 Hello Sandro, thank you for listening to my recording :hugs:. I’m happy that you like it :smiley:.

I do my best, but, honestly, I wished, I had more time. But my main priority is my family, so guitar comes second. Nevertheless, I’m enjoying this musical journey so much. I’m grateful for ever day, I can manage to Grab my guitar :heart_eyes:.

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Thank you, Dave :hugs:!

@nzmetal Hello Jeff, oh, thanks so much for your kind words :hugs:. Your feedback means a lot to me :blush:.

Oh yes, this would be great :smiley:. Maybe in another two years :grin:.

@thegoog Hi Greg, thanks for taking the time to listen to my recording :hugs:.

Yes, that was the reason, why I was watching carefully what they were doing :sweat_smile:.

@roger_holland Hello Rogier, I’m happy, you like my rendition :blush:. Many thanks for your motivating feedback :hugs:.

@SDKissFan Hi Jeff, thanks for your kind words :hugs:.

Definitely :star_struck:!

@SusanW Hello Susan, I appreciate your kind words a lot. I’m glad to hear, that you enjoyed my rendition. Thank you very much :hugs:.

@Jenndye429 Hi Jen, watching your progress has always been inspiring for me. Your motivating feedback means a lot to me :blush:.

Yes, I do have some recordings from the very beginning. Maybe, I should watch them to have some funny moments :sweat_smile:.

@CD02 Hello Craig, thanks a lot for taking the time to listen to my recording and for your kind comment. It’s very much appreciated :hugs:.


Bravo Nicole, so much to celebrate.

Loved the song, superb righthand technique to deliver that country rock boom-chucka alternating bass rhythm. Liked the changed up pattern you threw in for extra spice.

Keep doing what you do, and I look forward to enjoying the next year with you.


Great job :clap:

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Hey Nicole, Happy Guitarversary. That was great!
Not surprised at all that you’ve been working for months to get that recording. Not perfect, but you have all the elements there, and my goodness, there are a lot of elements :laughing:
The best thing is knowing that if you keep at it, in two years time that will seem straightforward :wink:
Alles Gute

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Thank you, Jeff :hugs:.

@DavidP @brianlarsen

Hello David and Brian, thanks a lot for listening to and commenting on my recording :hugs:. Your feedback is very much appreciated :blush:.
To work on this song was a very interesting process for me. Besides all the new techniques, it offered me also a nice ear training. By closely listening to the original, I developed my cover step by step.
I’ll keep it in my practice routine to get it more polished :innocent:.

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