Celebrating my 2nd Guitarversary with a new recording😃

Bravo and congratulations Nicole. It’s clear that you’ve been working hard to achieve so much in only two years.

It’s not that easy to keep that alternating bass rhythm going. If you missed one, I didn’t notice. Your vocals have improved a lot when I compare them to the OM performances I saw - which weren’t bad to start with.

I don’t know the song, but I would dare to introduce even more dynamics by dropping the volume and playing one strum per bar for the later verse(s) and then pick it back uo for the final chorus.

Enjoy the ride!

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Well done and congratulations on reaching the two year mark. This is quite the achievement.
A lovely song played and sung beautifully.

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Sorry it’s a bit late but, happy 2nd Guitarversary.


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Hi Nicole, first of all, congrats on your 2nd guitarversary, time flies! See, how far you have come and where you are :+1:t3:! Somewhere above, you mention regretfully still to be on Grade 2. But does that really matter? You show amazing progress in every performance you post and it’s not only some progress, it’s very solid progress. You’re working hard on your skillset and everyone can see and hear that :100:!
This last performance shows in many ways, that you are able to combine a various set of skills in a song and to sing at the same time. That’s amazing, I would say, isn’t it? Apart from your guitar playing I liked your vocal performance. Your voice would be perfect for some country songs, I guess.
Very well done, a pleasure to listen :green_heart:!
May your journey continue as successfully as during the last two years! Keep up your dedication and I wish you lots of fulfilling guitar hours (although kiddies, hubbies and family are the most important things in life)!
Nicole, du machst ois richtig! Weida so!


@Jeff Hi Jeff, I’m very grateful for your comment on my recording :hugs:.

Thanks for that. For me, improving my playing is definitely easier than improving my vocals. So, it’s good to read, that my effort on that part paid off :blush:.

Thanks for your thoughts on that. It’s definitely something to consider. The song does something similar by having one strum per bar at the beginning of the final chorus before coming back to the main pattern. But I’ll give it a try at the last verse and see how this works :slightly_smiling_face:.
Thanks a lot for your input :hugs:!

@prbushe Hello Peter, I thank you very much for taking the time to listen to and comment on my rendition :hugs:. I’m glad, you liked it :blush:.

@Helen0609 Servus Andrea! Voll lieb von dir - danke für die lieben Glückwünsche :hugs:!

Well, in a particular sense yes :innocent:: Sometimes, I simply lack the technique (not even know that this technique exists) to make a song sound the way I like it to sound. This current song is a great example for that. When I listened closely to the original, I heard some kind of embellishment that made the melody much more interesting. But I couldn’t figure out, what it was or how Frank Turner did it. It was only by accident (when I watched Justin’s song lesson of Country Roads :sweat_smile:), that I realised that Frank was playing hammer-ons.

But, to be honest, it was my concious decision to move on slowly. So, I really don’t want to lament on this :grin:.

:heart_eyes: :hugs: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Danke!!


Thanks a lot, Rachel :hugs:!

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That was beautiful and looked quite complex, especially with that tempo and singing at the same time. That is amazing progress for two years of playing, congratulations. :slight_smile:

That’s a good decision, I also took at a certain point. I’ve spent a LOT of time on Grade 2 :slightly_smiling_face: and my way through Grade 3 will take even longer…

Yes, that’s a bit of the downside, but you definitely can look forward to Grade 3, where lots of helpful techniques wait to be explored and added to the toolbox! No doubt, you will absorb them and treat us with some new recordings! :hibiscus:

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Thanks a lot, Boris :hugs:.
Yes, the tempo was a big challenge. It took me really long to get there in the end, and it’s still not perfect. But I keep on practicing :slightly_smiling_face:.

Happy 2nd anniversary Nicole and what a wonderful way to celebrate it. I really enjoyed your playing and singing, I thought you did a great job. It doesn’t look like an easy one to tackle but you managed it superbly.

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Thank you, Stefan :hugs:.

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Hi NicoleKKB

You always describe and write out this performance journey of ours, so very well. SUCH A REAL !!
Ok, your journey, but I feel it too !!!
…force, “pimp,” stretch, getting ready, never - now, and all despite, but really a beautiful play of The Real Damage. …satisfaction! very good song by Frank Turner and the better way to spend my time, or ?/?

You have come in with that guitar of yours…

I’ve you ever want to discuss equipment, please let me know_R

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DavidP You see it and verbalize it.
I do see Nicole taking it up. Definately higher.
Amazing and good.
Your comments, I think, encourage many of us
So thanks!!

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Love it Nicole. Dancing around the kitchen here. Not familiar with Frank Turner but I can feel a rabbit hole coming on. Thank you

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Thanks a lot, Robert, for your kind words :hugs:.
Oh yes, the way from the first trial to performance isn’t always strait forward :grin:.

Hi Dom :smiley:!

Oh, what a great compliment :star_struck:! Thank you :hugs:.

Frank Turner has so many great songs and he’s an amazing performer. He is more or less permanently on tour, and absolutely worth seeing and listening to.
My favourite album at the moment is this :star_struck::

Definitely a good start for a new rabbit hole :rabbit::grin:.