Changing musical genre and gear

Gordon (@sairfingers), in the Digitek Trio thread, asked why I was selling mine. The answer was complicated (and a hijack) so I moved it to its own thread.

That is a good and poignant question!

First, it has nothing to do with the Trio, great device.

I just really am not using it and not interested enough in playing the music that would make it useful to learn how to do it.

Selling it will help fund my last guitar purchase, which, if you saw my post, was a classical guitar.

I have learned a lot, and will continue to learn a lot, from Justin Guitar and the wonderful resource of great people that makes this community. It will still be part of my learning journey.

However, one thing I have learned is that I really want to play classical (and some solo finger style) music on guitar. This is not as well represented in Justin’s teaching, as he really is teaching Rock, Blues, Pop and similar genres.

So, in following my interests I am engaging in classical lessons primarily now, with some finger style on the side (as it develops from the classical training) and will use Justin’s for background theory, rhythm and just good even tempered advice and knowledge.

So bottom line, I am divesting most of my electric gear. I have the Trio Plus, a Katana mkii head and a Carvin d127 if there is interest. Discounts to community members, but I do need to sell, not donate this time.

Probably not the expected answer!