Chord ai App - best iOS option for songs missing from Justin app?

So far, the best option I’ve found for songs that were deleted from the Justin app - or were never there in the first place - is this one:

I like it because:

  1. It works with YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music
  2. It shows the chords on a grid separated by measures/bars, which makes it much easier to see song structure
  3. It has a looping function (though it’s non-intuitive to use)
  4. Demo version is free, and highly functional (have not tried paid version yet)

If I want to learn a new song, the Justin App is still my first stop. But this is a strong second option.

Anyone have other recommendations?

What about other platforms - Android, Mac, PC, or Web?

Tom @Tbushell
A bit of a coincidence but somebody was talking about this app at the guitar club last week, he was impressed with it.

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Chord ai is also available on Android for those interested, though I haven’t tried it myself.

Since I do much of my playing near my PC using Amplitube I don’t really need a mobile option, so I’m using Riffstation. No longer being developed but it’s free, and is pretty accurate with it’s chord detection most of the time. Other features are a display of the current and next chord, tempo/pitch/key shift, and a frequency isolator so you can cut out vocals/guitar/whatever. Works with most audio file formats.

Available on Windows, also appears to be available on iOS.