Songs For Module 2

I wouldn’t get stressed about it. Early on you are trying to learn technique and everything is newish. Everyone wants to play songs, because that is what we are here for after all, but you need to balance technique and learning songs. Trying to learn a song that has a ‘difficult’ bit is good because it creates an interest in getting the technique down that is behind the difficult bit.

Personally, I wouldn’t just try to push through with poor technique just to get a song under the belt. Work out the bit that is difficult, which you appear to have done, then focus on getting that up to speed before continuing with the song. No matter what, get the rhythm consistent and do not increase speed until you can do it cleanly. That could take weeks, but it is worth it in the end. We all have different mountains to climb, and you can carry on with other lessons while working on this technique in the background.

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C F G is a 1 4 5 progression, so is A D E so it can be played that way but if you wanted it to match with a recording you would need to put a Capo on the third fret!


Hello @lewislarsen and welcome to the Community.

Justin does not recommend practicing chord changes to a metronome.
He has one-minute changes, air changes etc. to practice moving between chrds.
Trying to change to a metronome is going to frustrate and put unnecessary pressure on you this early into learning. I recommend you abandon that practice.

For contextual practice in time with a steady beat play to songs or the app (slowed down if need be).

100% amen to that.
Learn songs, learn songs, learn songs.
From the very moment you learn to change between two or three chords.
And strum just once per bar.

I hope that helps.

Cheers :smiley:

| Richard_close2u | JustinGuitar Official Guide, Approved Teacher & Moderator


Hello Justin

can you do some gospel music if that is posibble

I know it has been said before here, but can I also ask that the songs listed in the lesson be made available on the beginners app please. The app really does help as you can slow down the backing track until you get it right.

I have the beginners song book vol 1 to help with the chords, but not having a backing track limits the learning experience.

Thanks for listening.

Hello @Nathan1234 and welcome to the community.
For any and all song requests please use the request from on this page:



There are many publishing and copyright reasons why Justin cannot have all songs in the App, much as he might wish to match exactly the many parts of the website and song lists.

Ah OK, I didn’t think of that. Thank you.

I just wrote a mini review of the Chord ai app for iOS, which you might find helpful.

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@Tbushell thank you for that, I see it is available for android as well, so I will try that out.

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I absolutely love what you’ve created with this site, i never thought id play guitar let alone love it this much! i was wondering if songs by Alice Cooper could be added? I’ve always wanted to learn poison, eventually lol

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Hi Rien, @RienZ1936
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun, :sunglasses:
Below I put a link where you can vote for your favorite songs, with only 79 votes I’m afraid you might have to drop the word Poison very subtly between your sentences in the community(without it looking psychotic :laughing: :wink:)

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You recommend Three Little Birds as a great song to practice after Module 2 but I can’t seem to find in on the Justin Guitar App. What am I missing?

@AndyBringhurst looks like it may have dropped from the app. There were some, I believe(?), copyright issues recently which led to some songs disappearing from the app. Looks like that was one of them.

A shame as I used it a lot when I started. Plenty of other songs with A, D and E in there. You can filter by chords in the search function in the app if you didn’t know.

Good luck and enjoy!

Hey do you guys have a song that has quite a good amount of D chord in it? Thats the hardest chord for me so far especially the changes from E to D, so I would like to practice this the most atm :smiley: Most of the songs i found so far are mainly A chord and barely any D chord in it. Maybe you guys know a particular song. Thanks!

Michael, have you tried using the filters on the JG website Songs page? I tried this which may provide some suitable songs:

Thank you

Hello you said to leave a comment if you’re not catering to my musical tastes so here I am. I like Kpop. At the moment specifically any song by Xdinary Heroes who are an actual band and not just singing and dancing, but actually any Kpop would do. I doubt you’ll add music like this but I figured it was worth a shot.

I cannot find it on the app either, I used the video tutorial on the website. It’s pretty helpful and have found that by writing down the chord progression it makes it much easier to play through. Almost singing it as well which I am not sure is a good thing. lol.

Hi Katarzyna @kaslovakr - did you see this? It looks like Justin got your request!