Chords In Keys

Let's tackle a bit about music theory. Understand what are chords in keys! :)

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easiest way to remember which is major/minor is in a major key chords 1-4-5 are major. in a minor 1-4-5 are minor. just think of the blues

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If you’re going to remember in Major 1 4 5 are major you may as well add 2 3 6 are minor
and 7 is Diminished.
minors a little trickier. minor diminished Major minor minor Major Major

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I’m sure that 1, 4, 5 memory aid will help a lot of people.

The 1, 4, 5 are major in major and minor in minor.

Nice, simple, neat.

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The note for the chords in the key of C in the learn more page shows the minor chords listed twice