Christmas Wish List

There are often several thoughts in my mind :roll_eyes: … but the bottom one is closer to the truth of our actions :innocent:


Im with you on this one Rogier! :facepunch: and the first wish on @sclay wish list. Im all in for that as well :grin:

Me and my wife (supervisor) has stopped buying gifts long time ago. But of course, we do buy some to the kids. But it has to be something usefull and sustainable.
So this christmas eve i take the kids to visit my wifes parents, while my wife is going to be cooking and serving food for people with needs.

She and 4 of her coworkers has just started an foundation that is helping people out with food and clothes and such… Same here as in Holland and a lot of other rich countries… more and more people struggles to get food on the table and paying of the bills…

Edit: forgot… wishlist: 1: what Shane said onhis no.1
2: Fender acoustasonic or a butterscotch telecaster :partying_face:


Is this the one you’re hoping for?

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What a whammy bar! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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ELO’s version of “Roll Over Beethoven” was the first single I ever bought :grinning:

Oh, I heavily this one too. If only F played nicely with all the other chords. Writing to Santa as well now.

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The Stone Deaf Noise Reaper pedal is on my list and a pedalboard to mount my pedals on it :grin:
Then I’ll be more than happy :grin:
(And in a future far far away, another Les Paul to tune in C standard to practice Queens of the Stone age songs :sweat_smile: but that’ll be for christmas 2030 or something :joy:)

This could save you a bit :wink:

We are going home to Ireland :ireland: and it will be the first Christmas in more than 10 years I get to spend with my parents and siblings. So that will be enough for me along with a trip to my local pub with my brother for a few pints of Guinness.


If Santa wants to bring me a Yamaha LL16 acoustic I would appreciate this. Even though I think I have been on the naughty list for the past 50 years,

yeah, but it’s a great time saver to have a guitar for each tuning. Most of my practicing is done on an acoustic in standard, but my partscaster is in Keef Richards tuning* as I’m trying to learn some Stones songs :sunglasses: :metal:

*open G, 6th string removed

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Xmas are coming early this year for me :grinning: firstly, 5 days ticket for Download Festival next year :heart_eyes: and then, the main gift is coming next Saturday :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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This is what I am axing for this xmas


Seeing as I reckon I have enough guitar related stuff, and the wife & kids avoid buying me stuff for my hobbies because whatever I’m into is so specific, I reckon I’ll be happy with some socks and handmade gifts from the kids.

Oh, maybe I could order a box of skills. That’s what I want most but haven’t figured out how to get them boxed yet…


Nice axe!

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I’ve concluded that they don’t come in my size.


My wife bought me a Fender Champion 20 w amp and has kindly let me have it now. It came today.

See you all later


We are pretty limited on gifts in general. We are fortunate enough to be able to buy most things we want and when we don’t it is because we really don’t need them after all. So gifts tend to be random stuff we don’t want or need.

We prefer to spend time together and with friends if possible. Quietness. Time and space to practice and play guitar. To get that song up to speed finally. To be able to sing and play at the same time.

I can be on board with Shane’s #1. A few more rational thought from the 8+ billion of us may be a drop in a big messy bucket of ***, but it is important.

I like Roger’s idea of giving to others. I have met been a big one for volunteering, but I should give the gift of my time and compassion more.

Mostly I am hoping for lower interest rates for us here in the United States so we can refinance our new and fat mortgage. But that is pure selfishness, and as stated, it should be a time of giving, not getting.

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But more importantly, I’d say is crucial that those who make decisions need to wise up a little because their decisions have far reaching implications for the 8 billion of us. But I won’t get more political than that :joy:

We could do with some of that on this side of the pond too!

But for me, as far as material things go, I’d be a bit mundane perhaps, needing/wanting a plane (uhm, to clarify, not the one that flies but if anyone has one of them and not using it…) a set of locking tuners for my build, a set of humbuckers for the said project, two concentric audio pots 500k, one dpdt on/on/on switch, fretwire, a tusq xl nut and I’ll stop there… :joy:

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Message me your address and I’ll have Santa send you one of these:

Obviously not a new one- I picked one up for cheap at an auction some years ago, but don’t need it.
Just took it apart and cleaned the muck and rust off it. A light sanding and oiling of the handles would set it off.
Nice solid bit of kit :smiley: