City of Chicago, Luka Bloom (cover)

Goodness gracious, it seems like a long time ago that I ‘learnt’ a song just enough to strum’n’sing for a basic recording. (I blame Gordon for reminding me)

I know this song from Christy Moore, the Irish folk icon, who I’ve seen a couple of times before, but it was written by his younger brother Luka Bloom (who I’ve also seen live)

Christy often does a rambling bit on the Irish famine and England’s role in it, which I shall omit. I’ll also forgo any attempt at instrumental breaks/solos, just to keep it short & sweet.

Donegal is the northernmost county in Ireland- wild, desolate and stunningly beautiful. I went out with a girl from the Gaeltacht (Irish-speaking area) for a couple of years when I was in college and can understand how emigrants might miss this homeland.

If this does nothing for you, check out one of Christy’s versions.

Gorgeous :smiley:


Thanks for posting that video, it was fun to see and hear you play!


I really really enjoyed that, Brian. I also did go and check out Christy Moore’s original so he ended up with another subscriber. I don’t know enough of my family history to be sure but my mom always said her ancestors came across during the Potato Famine, and she was very proud of her Irish heritage. I would have enjoyed a rambling bit from you!

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Really enjoyed this @brianlarsen

A beautiful tale about the immigrant’s struggle and quiet longing for home. I have heard Christy Moore because my old man’s a fan but the only album I’ve listened to is Smoke & Strong Wiskey. I’ll have to listen to more on the merit of this performance!

Keep ‘em coming :smiley:

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Well that was 130 seconds of bliss. So nice to see the old Hag getting a workout.
And it was to see the Viking as well :rofl:

Seriously Mr L, I enjoyed that immensely. Your dulcet tones suited the lament and your soft fingering was sublime as always. I could go off on what goes around but best left for another day.

More of this please.



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Well Brian, you can’t go far wrong with a song about how the cruel English subjugated us poor Celts! Irish potato famines, Scottish Highland clearances :wink:

Your vocal suited the song perfectly and I enjoyed the guitar play. Could you try playing with a pick? You could add a little more dynamic into it at key points that way.
What do I know? I thoroughly enjoyed your performance Brian. Well done.

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One of these Gordon ??


Very nice, well done. I’ve long been a fan of Luka, had no idea he was related to Christy

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‘That made my ears burn’

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@maidie- Segovia, wow! My parents lived in Madrid from '78-82 and that name was was spoken of as if a deity :wink: Thanks for dropping by and I look forward to hearing you play at some stage.
Your surname suggests you might well be one of the Paddies this song is about?

@mari Thank you. Christy is an institution in his own right. It’s funny the way we often feel proud of our ancestry/nationality, even when it has nothing really to do with our own achievements :roll_eyes: I know I often go down that path…

@CYPGMB Yer old man has good taste, lad :wink:
You did have to mention the Smoke & Strong Whiskey, didn’t you? I think I still have the T-shirt somewhere in my bottom drawer. For those not in the know, I shall enlighten with a classical sample:

@TheMadman_tobyjenner Mercy, mon ami :wink:
I would have been more effusive if you hadn’t been so ‘picky’ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@sairfingers, tbh I know I occasionally spout on about history etc. but am remarkably ignorant about a lot of what went on :roll_eyes: Speaking of which- did your lot not colonise Ulster? :wink:
(Yikes, I’m outta here before the police come down on me…)
Regarding the pick- it’s a major failing on my behalf. Laziness abounds.
Christy would say: Don’t forget your shovel…

@ Tony yes, a very talented family. Luka took his name from the Suzanne Vega song and Joyce’s Leopold Bloom, I gather. I liked his acoustic motorbike :sunglasses:

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Was great Brian, nice little history lesson and nice introduction to an artist I didn’t know. Played a song on YouTube and when I realized I listen to original for a while I was already 4 songs in :joy:

You did justice to the song, really nice flow there. Would perhaps enjoy using a pick rather than fingers strum but hey, it’s a personal preference :slight_smile: all the best.

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You tell a good story Brian and have an appealing way of getting the message across. You’re also looking like you’re bonding with Hag. Always a treat to have you grace us.

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Delightful way to have started my day, Brian, I caught it as a subscriber, and man had to scroll and scroll and scroll until I found the post in AVOYP (need to take care of that or I may miss people’s postings here).

Thanks also for sharing the Christy Moore video.

In the spirit of looking foolish in front of one’s Community friends … when you shared the other video and mentioned Christy Moore I looked and looked and couldn’t make sense of it … where was the lass he was talking about? :rofl:

Still worried about the other fellow’s teeth in that other video.

You keep bringing your playing and singing, I’ll keep watching and cheering

:clap: :clap: :clap:

The Brian we all know and love; ever engaging, a great story to be told through his music, unique style and a smile that goes well with my morning cup of jo to get my day started with an up beat. Well, done and fun listen, Mr. Larsen

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Beautiful song, Brian; Christy Moore is right up my alley. It was a treat to hear your lovely rendition. More, please. :wink:

Great cover, Brian!
I didn’t go out with Irish girls :wink:
But, listening to this song, I understand why the Irish, living all over the world, celebrate St. Patrick’s Day so united.

Wonderful stuff Brian.

What I like about your songs (this is just going off my musical exposure) is you go right off the beaten track with your offerings.

Ahh a very nice distraction for this afternoon… you’ve got such a good voice for this sort of song. Thoroughly enjoyed it Brian.

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Brian, I really enjoyed this. I listened twice. Second time to listen more closely to the lyrics. I also Googled Donegal and saw some lovely images of the land. .

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When you talk about a different pick,…i call it also now against friends or family sometimes a pick,…but in my language that means (sounds) something completely different… :speak_no_evil:
So thanks for the reminder that you also sometimes think it about in a different way. :see_no_evil: