Class of 2023 what is it all that about

Interesting news letter just popped into my in box.
The class of 2023, not clear if it is aimed at only beginners.
Sounds like a good idea but a bit disappointed at the discounts being offered to new members that are not available to those who have paid full price and will have to continue to do so. It is not the money it is just the principle.
Despite that gripe I really hope it is a success and I am sure it will be.


At first glance, I think it is a cool evolution of the course to involve a more hands on or intensive approach.

I think it is a great idea and although it wouldn’t be for me, I suspect it will be great for a lot of learners who would like more immediate direction.

It only isn’t for me because at my place in life I want to be free to manage my own learning process and fit it into my life, but many guitar courses are more directed so great move here.

I am not worried about who gets discounts. I don’t know how anyone in Justin’s position could roll out new programs like this and somehow retroactively accommodate all prior people. Seems impossible, and so it just isn’t done.

Besides, I have more than received my value from this course including all my purchases and additional donations. I probably should donate more.


I’m not clear if the course is for true beginners, beginners with Justin, or all level of beginner. Would it be appropriate for someone who has worked through mid-Grade 2 of Justin’s courses?


I saw the email and had a similar question about the target audience, where the course starts and aims to get to. Is it going to teach me the open chords again? I’m about 4 months into learning but can do a lot of the basics (just need to polish them with more practice). I’ve completed the beginner grade and am just at the start of module 2.


It’s sounds like a great idea, I took it to be for beginners just starting out.

Yeah, I fully agree. The value I’ve received as compared to my donation level is very high.


I totally agree. I think Michael’s more frustrated that he’s just recently paid for the new strumming course and those selected for the class of 2023 get the first grade for free.

I feel the need that I need make my views clearer.
I am totally on board with Justin and his team getting as many people as possible, to play the guitar, let’s face it without Justin’s lessons and his various courses and app that I paid for I would not be where I am today. If others by joining the “Class for 2023” get as much joy and feeling of achievement out of it as I have then I am more than delighted for them.


I was looking at this too… it doesn’t say if there is a cost to join… you do have to apply and it sounds like there is limited space… it involes a facebook group( personally I can’t stand those platforms)… my opinion… it kinda seems like it’s turning into just another online course… sure the content is great, but Steve Stine, Marty Shwartz and lots of others have great content too. And one would have to think that most of the resources are going to go for helping the people that were able to join. Maybe I misunderstood it but that is some of what I got from it.



The email says all welcome, but the angle is people that have decided to learn guitar in 2023. So I think it would be mainly for newbies.

Looks like a marketing angle for Justin - I hope it goes well for him. They have to make money after all.


It sounded to me like a more curated option for his course. I suspect there will be some level of tuition.

Overall a good model for Justin to branch into. Those who want to run on their own like before still have all the great resources and knowledge, those who want a bit more direct guidance can get it.

I bet it will be fun for Justin as well, he does appear to like the personal involvement, which is sometimes missing from the excellent online empire he has developed.

I did see that and was also wondering who is it aimed at. I don’t see much wrong about it, as others said Justin needs to earn his keep and this is definitely a good way in getting some extra funds into the pot. However…

Get access to an exclusive Facebook group where you can meet students learning the same stuff as you from all over the world! Ask questions, post your progress, and find friends to jam with. :slight_smile:

Why use Facebook if you have a perfectly great Community platform for this purpose? You bring new users in, you get more movement on your website and everyone is happy chappy. You can restrict a thread surely or create a new group for Class of 2023 only so others who have not enrolled cannot access it. Moving it to Facebook in my humble opinion is repeating the history of having forum separate to discuss comments section, a step back. Plus Justin mentions this:

You’ll get additional support from my team

I imagine that means our Mods who will again have to jump between the two platforms which will potentially mean less activity from them around here?

I feel it could have been better panned out but way above my paygrade, just my 2cs :wink:


I was wondering about this too. It does seem to be aimed at/for newbies. Especially if there’s limited space.

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I’m very curious about this class of 2023. It mentions discounts for certain items but this doesn’t work. I’m very much a new student but I have the App subscription and the Strumming SOS, but discounts don’t apply. Therefore this new platform must be for someone who picks up a Guitar from today.

Exclusive content?


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Could not agree more Adi. The whole reason for the “new” Community was to amalgamate the Website, the discussion threads there and the existing/old forum. Why segregate after bringing everything together. I would suggest more meat is needed on these bare bones for folks to get a better understanding on the objectives/purpose/framework. But yes it would appear to be for new folks just starting this year. The Open Mic comment is also an interesting one…

My 2 cents


I certainly will not be going back on that piece of garbage, even If I thought Class of 23 was worth looking at.


They are extremely intrusive ! , to places they have no right to go.

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I’m another who can’t understand this one. The new Community has just celebrated its first anniversary, the mods are fine tuning things to make this fantastic Community run smoothly and now Justin is starting a Facebook group for new students. He’s even committed to posting videos on it every month to answer students questions! Very odd.


I hold my hands up to being somewhat in the dark on this one so can’t really help.
I am not sure if I missed a meeting when it was discussed.
I have messaged @LievenDV @DavidP @larynejg to notify about this topic


What we need is a ‘mole’… :laughing:
someone relatively new to to community who is willing to sign up to the group and report back here, sharing any new pearls with the ‘old guard’:rofl:

On a serious note, as long as I continue to receive top notch free tuition as well as a platform to interact with my guitar buddies, I’m a happy camper. He’s done a pretty good job so far :smiley:


I don’t think much will change,…only the chance that Justin will come here will not increase,…but you can’t miss what is never there,he makes fantastic videos and I’m sure we’ve got plenty left to watch :sunglasses:…here on the site it is all well arranged,…and there are millions of people who only life/read on that #@$#@! Face book,…so commercially a good move,…