Cliff and the Shadows update

Just watching the final reunion concert of cliff and the shadows 2009 I know people bang on about Richie Samboura, slash, Jimi Hendrix Keef Richards but you cant beat Hank Marvin playing FBI, Atlantis,wonderful land,Foot tapper Apache Cavatina and many others thats the reason I started playing guitar & when about 13/14 I could play most of them on my 3/4 size acoustic but now long forgotten my aim this year is to re learn as many as I can as well as continuing the JG courses.the first song I learnt was Dance on age 10/11 how can you not like the shadows even cliff had some good hits back in the day. On one number hank was playing a burns double 6 electric guitar never seen one of them before. *** just bought the guitar legends Shadows TAB & music book no excuse now ***


Sounds cool! I love the Shadows… can you post a link to the concert video? It would be appreciated!


well i watched it on freeview but if you just search on it its on the web somewhere posting links is a bit beyond me

Link to Cliff and Shadows final concert.

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I was a teenager in the 60s, but never heard of them. Must have been a British thing.

You never heard this song in the 60s? I thought no-one could have escaped it.

Cliff Richard was the biggest rock and roll star in the UK pre-Beatles, but he was virtually unknown in the U.S.


Nope. First time I ever heard it.

Maybe this one, which was in the top 10 singles in the US in '79?
Or perhaps Devil Woman, covered by our very own crocodile the other week?

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Never watched The Young Ones either I guess? :grinning:

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Ha! I do know both of those. I never realized that was the Cliff Richard :smiley:

Interesting that he had those late-'70s hits, nearly 20 years after his rock ‘n’ roll heyday. That’s some staying power.

Apparently Hank Marvin acquired the very first Fender Stratocaster in all of the UK and I gather Apache was an inspiration for lots of young British dudes to take up the electric guitar.

I learned this listening to the podcast “A History of Rock Music in 500 Songs” (, which I cannot recommend highly enough if you are curious about the origins of rock music.

Okay, yeah, I’d heard those, but they weren’t my kind of music (especially the disco one,) so I never knew the name of the artist.

I looked it up. It made a weekly chart, peaking at #7, but didn’t make the 1979 year-end top 100.

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Yes Cliff Richard bought the Stratocaster for Hank Marvin you had to order them from the USA Hank has used a red and White one ever since the original is with the rhythm guitarist Bruce Welch must be worth a fortune by now

Yup, that’s the way charts work- on a weekly basis :smiley:

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I don’t think the snark was needed. I know how the charts work. But you said it was top 10 in 1979, not one week in 1979. They also do a year-end top 100, and the song didn’t make the list at all.

And none of that changes that I still never heard of The Shadows, which was what this was all about in the first place. They were apparently big in The UK, but not the USA.

The Ventures possibly held a similar place in the US music scene of the late 50s and 60s.

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No snarkiness intended, Mark.
I definitely meant to tease you a bit, as you seemed to taking issue with a statement I made.
Apologies if I was out of line.

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