Clocks- Coldplay cover, first recording with an electrical guitar

Hi All…
recorded this a couple of months ago, did not like it much. But i saved it for future refrence. Its my only and first recording with an electrical, and my first AVOYP with one ofcourse.
I watched it again last night and i was thinking that it might not be as bad as i thought when i recorded it…
Brian said that he wanted to see something differrent, so this is for you Brian…
So here it goes… its a one shot recording with everything that goes along with that :grin:


Electric Trond, finally!! :rofl:

This was really cool trond, your acoustic skills translating so so well to the electric. Felt a real tenderness in your picking with the dynamics and emphasis on certain notes, you’re doing it naturally but shows the time you’ve invested in the style. The guitar sounds terrific.

Liked your version a lot, a hell of a lot! :heartbeat:


Well Trond,
I thought here we go… some electric ripping heavy chords and flashing licks or rhythm guitar in a fast (maybe happy :scream: ) beat and some change compared to the ‘acoustic Trond’, but nothing could be further from the truth … and I’m actually happy with that :sweat_smile:.

I really enjoyed listening and watching this again… guitar and vocals were both fantastic …
I felt completely relaxed again and will definitely listen to it again. :sunglasses: :clap: :sunglasses: :clap: :man_bowing:

Ps: I do like the cheerful/happy color from the nice guitar in the video :grin:

Greetings and thanks :sunflower:

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Very nice Trond, almost tempting me to try my electric which has about three inches of dust on it. Very well done!

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Lovely job!

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Thanks @Notter nice seeing you again Mark! really appreciate your feedback and that you bothered to watch it… thanks a lot!

@roger_holland One day Rogier… one day i will surprise you with some wild riffs and solos. Maybe… yeah. that guitar is pretty awsome, not mine though, but im allowed to borrow it from time to time…

@MadModMcd thanks Ian… appreciate it a lot… yep, dust of that electrical and crack on!

@mathsjunky very much appreciated Paul!


Hey Trond. That was great. Dreamy tone. Awesome song played well. Electric Trond is a lot like acoustic Trond.

I love how you give songs your own treatment, convert them to your own thing. It makes them a real cover.

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Hey Trond that was really goood

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Really @jkahn am i the same as the acoustic version?? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
cant argue with that JK… much appreciated that you took time to watch…

thanks a lot @Jwaters for watching :pray:

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I really liked that. It was a lovely version to listen to. Well done.

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This was realy good :exclamation: Love it :exclamation: Keep on :exclamation:

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I’m so glad I stopped by for a listen :grinning: I didn’t notice it was you and am not a particular Coldplay fan (although they do have some great songs).
You and Rogier- You really need to tag people! :roll_eyes:
It’s funny the way we influence each other in the community. Not only watching you play electric, but also seeing the THR in the background made me smile.
I think you’ll always be an acoustic axeman at heart, but I’d be surprised if somewhere underneath all those tats, you don’t get the occasional shiver with a cool reverb sound of infinite space in a slow piece (or maybe heavy distortion someday).
The beauty is it’s not either or- It’s whatever I feel like today :wink:

Back to business- that was a lovely rendition of a nice song. I’m with @Notter in that the way you play is similar to the acoustic, but it does sound different. And good.
We all look for different things in our playing.
I think I try too hard to ‘entertain’.
You bring ‘authenticity’ to the table.
I learn as much from the newbies on the site as the experienced old hands :slight_smile:





A dirty plate and a burning kettle?
… or is that your attempt at tagging? :thinking:
@roger_holland’s Google Translate has failed him and he’s now trying to communicate in images.
I fear for the future of your thread, Trond :rofl:


That sounded magnificent Trond!

I’m really jealous of your ability to finger pick an electric and make it sound even. When I’ve tried it, I always end up with some notes clanging out really loud when they shouldn’t. Yes, I know, practice… but you’ve got it nailed.


:joy: :rofl: :joy:

The first is a pot and the second is a kettle… at least here a pan is also a pot … you know that :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

And you easily miss things(topics) tagged or not :blush: … or just did`t liked it of course and wisely keep your mouth shut :blush: :smile:

Hi Trond :wave: liked your song also the second time :sunglasses:
So that`s back on topic :sweat_smile:
Sweet greetings you both :innocent:

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Oh yeah baby !!
Loved it Trond, and don’t mind that guitar either👍. Great performance - elegant, delicate, and of course, great singing as always.
Takes a bit of skill to finger pick an electric like that; and often, slower tempos can be harder as you need finer control.
Ever tried hybrid picking? You’ve got a great headstart with your fingerpucking skills.
All the best Trond, and keep em comin mate.

Cheers, Shane

Hi Trond

Definitely not as bad as you thought. I find electrics wonderful for quiet fingerstyle pieces.

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Quite inspiring, Trond. Sounded nice on the electric. I like Coldplay too.

I learn as much from the newbies on the site as the experienced old hands :slight_smile:

I agree with this; also good to go back and review Justin’s beginner videos.

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Great job. Really enjoyable listen :clap: :clap: :clap:

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