Cocaine (Clapton) Oldhead49

A couple years ago I had the intention of learning this song but my intentions far outweighed my ability.
On YouTube one night recentlly I found this video and it caught my ear because of the solo Clapton played; a bit different than what you hear on the studio version. So I gave it a shot and transcribed it.
Guitars: PRS Hollowbody>distortion>EQ
Bass: PRS Hollowbody with octave drop.
Organ: Dumpster keyboard through Collab3 midi
Drums: Dumpster keyboard through MT Power Drums midi.
One thing I really admire about Clapton is that he’s not real showy; no flashy clothes, no jumping around - at best he’ll saunter around the stage - and does what he does best, plays guitar and sings.
Feedback always welcomed.


Hi Dave…
First …nice :sunglasses:…then
:joy: :rofl: :joy:… immediately followed by … wow nice…
it’s very confusing for me to hear Eric Clapton sing like that …I keep laughing as I type this …actually it’s impossible… but you play so well :sunglasses: :clap: :bouquet: …jummy…and the fact that it’s real doesn’t belong in my ears and eyes at the same time says I watch Clapton very often and you imitate it very well…Thank you so much for sharing and this is definitely going into my favorites…

First, this should have been in AVOYP. I guess my mistake. Hopefully it will be moved to the proper forum.
Haha. Your response and feedback has me cracking up! It was kind of fun. I learned the song from the MP3 of the video. Once I got it to tempo I thought, hmmm, I wonder, and downloaded the video and dropped it in. Thought it was a pretty neat match. Anyhow, thanks for the listen and comments. I’m glad you were entertained, one way or the other.

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Who’s that wakin’ this poor dyin’ Lazarus from right in front of death’s door?
Ah, it’ the Old Man of course! :smiley:
Okay then, let’s see if a spin can revitalize dese ol’ bones :bone: :bone: :bone:

Well, he jus’ doggone went and did it again! :sunglasses:
A well-chosen piece (to suit even my picky palate) played and produced so exquisitely, that he can synchronise with GOD himself and make believers out of infidels like me.
I’m running out of superlatives here, oh venerable one, but I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t leave a hint of Jaggeresque dissatisfaction.
I prefer Mr. Cale’s version to the Almighty’s and do believe the solo would have been easier to recreate.
Back for another listen now-
Take care and keep ‘em coming


Haha, we can’t all be Clapton :rofl:

What a week it has been… from @rumil lip syncing to Megadeath to Eric Clapton lip syncing and playing air guitar… that was fantastic playing… very well done… glad you had the inspiration to drop it into the video… very entertaining indeed.

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Yep, super weird and hilarious!

However aside from Eric lip syncing, was a pretty awesome. Well played, great tone, pure enjoyment to listen to.

I think the Clapton record version has multiple layers of guitars going on? From memory, I think 3? That’s why it’s so hard to cover. However personally I prefer Clapton’s cover to Cale’s original.

Absolutely love this!

Nice one Dave! Looks like you done a mighty clever trick here, to get the sync that tight is nothing short of amazing!
Loved it, watching EC play and sing like our Dave was ace, didn’t he make a good job of it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

:clap: :clap: :clap:
Awesome project, Dave, bravo.

Another fabulous showcase of all you’ve learned over the last 5-6 years … guitar rhythm and lead, keys, drums, vocals, transcribing, mixing, and now an overdub on the original live video.

I tip my hat. Take a bow.

One question … I notice you used your PRS for the guitars. It sounded just great. But I am wondering about the choice, PRS rather than your strat (as I recall you have one), given that EC is playing a strat here? Not that it is a big deal, as I say, guitars sounded great, just curious.

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Terrific work Dave!!

That was just brilliant, Dave. Lip syncing and solo syncing, that is very impressive stuff. More! I say. :sunglasses:

Wow, that was weird to watch and listen to.

So wrong, but so good all at once.

Loved it, great job.

Very good production. Great performance by you but so weird coming to terms with your voice synced to EC’s image.

Well done, keeps me dreaming about what is possible …

Really professional sounding production! A nice piece of transciption you did there.

Nice playing!

My spider sense is tingling :face_with_raised_eyebrow:… lol

Great job, Dave. It sounds really great and you nailed that solo with a lot of groove.

Well done!

Dave that was fab, one by one you are knocking us all here off our seats! Tone was super sweat btw, I think it sounded right amount of bluesy and it made an enjoyable listen from start to end. Well done!

@brianlarsen Haha. Brian, you are from another planet for sure. Thanks for that more than generous feedback. Always a pleasure to read your responses, even if you leave some Jaggeresque dissatisfaction. Cale’s verson is good, too; I just got caught up with Clapton’s solo in this as it was a bit different.
He’s not showy; no flashy clothes, no jumping around. That’s not to say I don’t like (a double negative?) people with blue hair, weird costumes and who lunge at the camera and play with their thumb. If you think about a while you’ll know of whom I speak.
I appreciate you taking the time to listen and entertain me with your feedback.

Hey, James, thanks for the feedback. Yeah, @rumil playing and lip-sync were just awesome. That video was really an afterthought, but it worked out pretty well. Glad you were entertained.

@jkahn Sorry to confuse you like that. Yes indeed, weird and hilarious. Always good to get a laugh once in a while. I had a take with more layers in it; just some licks here and there, but I uploaded the wrong rendered file, the one without them. My internet is so slow, I just left the one I uploaded. But you’re right, typical Cocaine by Clapton has guiters firing all over the place… Glad you enjoyed it.

@think2100 Thanks for the listen, Jay. Glad you liked it.

@DarrellW Actually, Darrell, all I did was drop the video in, and what you see is how it synced up. I did edit out an awesome organ solo at the end. I learned about the first 12 bars of it and figured it would take me six months, if not more, to figure it out.
Watching EC play like me??? Now that’s a laugh. But yeah, he did do a pretty good job of it. :joy:

@DavidP Thanks so much David. I do appreciate the feedback. I think it’s been quite a journey for all of us, and hopefully inspiring to those just getting started.
No rhyme nor reason for the PRS over the Strat. Just had it hooked up when I did that take and thought it sounded pretty good. It’s really my go-to now.

@Notter Thanks, Mark. I do appreciate you taking a listen and for that comment.

@SgtColon Thank you Stefan. Very nice of you to say. I think one of these is enough - at least for right now.


@RodC Thanks, Rod. Yep weird to watch and listen to. Seems to be getting to be a theme in these responses. I love it. Thanks for the feedback.

@Willsie01 John, Thanks for the nice feedback and taking a listen. “Weird” I’m going to have to count them when this is over.

@Narjuna Thanks, Chris. Don’t just dream - do it. You can. Just keep at it. Appreciate your taking a listen and for the feedback…

@twistor59 Thank you Phil. I appreciate your comments. Honestly, I don’t spend a lot of time on production compared to some around here; it’s more about the transcribing, learning and playing. I very much appreciate the transcription feedback, as I’ve been making that my focus now for more than a year. It really helps in the playing end, too.

@half_step Thanks for the listen and comment, Enrique. I appreciate it.

@Rumil Spider sense tingling??? Geeez. Hey, thanks for the listen and feedback.

@adi_mrok Not really trying to knock anyone out of their seat, Adi. Glad you liked the tone and thought it was bluesy enough. Thanks for the feedback. Appreciated…