Cold Hard B* - Jet - JK Jan 2024

They split up, but then reunited a few times for live performances over the years, the last time for short Australian tour celebrating 20th anniversary of Get Born album.


Kicking butt with that one JK. Awesome stuff and nothing like a bit of hard rock at lunchtime. Great skills mate!

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That was so awesome JK, blimey that tone and your play were a killer!! Loved that little sliding action as a little solo. You were so confident with this performance as well. Hats off it was definitely one of the best, if not the best performance I have seen from you so far!

I was very lucky to see them live, totally by accident, as support to RHCP in 2007. Honestly I would say crowd was having as much fun as during main event, those guys were so cool back in a day! I read they had issues with creating songs that were too close to plagiarising therefore producers weren’t too interested in keeping them at the top of the charts. What a shame :frowning:

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:metal: You rock, JK! What a great performance to come back with from your recording break! Bang. :smiley:

I first watched/listened and then read your description. I got the resemblance of AC/DC immediately without knowing. I never heard of Jet before, but their probably worth checking out as what I get out of your rendition. :slight_smile:

Great tone, that suits the piece nicely. At some parts it seems rhythm patterns were quite a challenge, but you mastered them with ease and coolness. :sunglasses: Your practice really pays off nicely and you’re an excellent example for how far one can come with some dedication and diligence.

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Really great playing, you were on it with the timing which stood out to me. It was all really good. Nice JG tshirt too!

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Guitar is an abomination Fender pretend they don’t make, it’s got a Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates in the bridge. Amp tone is Fender Tone Master Pro running two modelled Marshall JCM800s in parallel with a bit of reverb. Glad you liked the tone :wink: Thanks Paul

Yeah it’s got to be up there in one of my fave songs, although that’s a really long list! Jet are great BTW, worth checking.

Haha no chance of singing this one Craig!

Oh yeah, I’ve been playing but finally set up the recording rig this week. Most of the practice of this song was on an unplugged electric :roll_eyes: Which is probably why putting the pieces together took longer than expected. I saw your rabbit hole…

lol, nice self censor Roger! And I could never bring myself to be a bassist :rofl:

Thanks Jeff! One of the reasons I thought this would be a good song to learn is to potentially jam, it’s a 2 guitar song and both parts are reasonably straightforward. Hard to jam on songs when there is a really complicated lead part I reckon - requires tonnes of practice.

Thanks Radek!

Haha, yeah, there was a bit of that in there. I just don’t think I have the amount of takes required for perfection in me. Hence my comment on not being a session/studio guitarist as my playing isn’t accurate enough for that. So, live style :wink: And yeah, definitely playing to my strengths here around rhythm etc.

Yeah, I do, and also on this one I didn’t record any audio with the video so I had to match it visually which is a PITA :roll_eyes:. But I think the disconnect at times from video to audio is probably the video effect I put on, it simulates old footage in bad condition. Thanks for checking it Alan!


Thx LBro! Tone courtesy of Fender :wink:

Artem! I would not have expected a Jet fan in Ukraine. So awesome you know it. They were such a rocking band. Are You Gonna Be My Girl is also on my playing list, I actually started to record it then I realised I don’t have the timing right for the long pauses after the chorus so did this one instead :wink: Hopefully will get it done soon…

Definitely took a few reps to get it under my fingers Phil. Thanks!

I love those songs too! I’m glad Jet has fans in the USA :smiley:

Oh yeah, it’s definitely blues inspired rock n roll. I love playing this kind of stuff.

Adds a bit of extra flavour to peanut butter and jam sandwiches. Or a chicken wrap, or… Maybe a Guiness? Thanks Eddie!


Assume that was the TMP, what setup?

Sounded great, good playin!

Thanks Adrian! And thanks again for the backing track :smiley:. Lucky that you saw Jet live in concert, that would have been so good. I’ve only watched their live stuff on youtube.

Charts and the recording industry… they’ve clearly changed their minds on plagiarizing etc, given what is popular today. Everything is inspired by something I reckon.

Haha, cool except for my guitar face :roll_eyes: Now I see why people chop their heads off for instagram. Thanks for checking it out Lisa! BTW… it’s more obsession than diligence, even though the cartoon said diligence :rofl:

The “what do I wear for a video” question is easy to answer with a JG t-shirt :wink:. After posting a video a while ago where I was wearing shorty-short floral board shorts and realising how dumb it looks I try to at least wear something suitable :rofl:


2x JCM800s with reverb, I took a downloaded preset and changed the amps, fiddled with the tone until I was happy with it - it’s trebly and lots of presence.

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Theres a big switch between playing solo/practice and fitting into a ‘band’ like this!

So trebly is the way to go

Next step would be recording multiple tracks of the guitar and overlaying them

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Guinness at noon on a Wednesday? Not a bad idea at all JK :+1:

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Music has no borders, especially when it’s such an awesome music.

And what is that thing you’re playing through? Wasn’t it you who said Tone Master Pro would be too much? :wink:
Anyway, congratulations. I’ve watched a few (or maybe more) videos about it and it looks awesome, though it’s clearly too much for me (not even talking about the price). Glad you’re enjoying it a lot.

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That was very cool JK and a great track to cover. You look so relaxed when you play and the tone sounded sweet.

Nice to see you back sharing your music and what is that new toy you have to play with?

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That was really cool Jk :love_you_gesture::guitar::love_you_gesture: I needed some rock this morning with my tea to wake me up :star_struck: Bravo, I think I also noticed some more techniques at work like muting.

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Yeah, cause let’s be honest, one JCM800 is never really enough :rofl:
Sounds killer.

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Only had the chance to check this now JK. You’re sounding great. Any chance of getting that tone straight out of a tube screamer?? Whatd’ya reckon?? :rofl:

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That was really good James, I enjoyed it! That flickering left/right line nicely sync with rhythm at times. :rofl:

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Wow that was terrific JK. Killer tone and spot on rythym throughout. Really well produced too. Loved it.

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Rockin it!:v:

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