Cold Hard B* - Jet - JK Jan 2024

Well that was rockin’ fantastic dude. An inspirational performance which shows what can be achieved in such a short period of learning guitar through dedicated practice. I’m pretty sure if you put your mind to it your could be a studio guitarist, session guitarist or have your own band. Well done.

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Yeah, and my wife surprised me with one for Christmas :wink:. There are loads of ways to get good tone, though.

Thanks Stefan!

The opposite end of the spectrum to the melodic classical stuff :rofl:

2 is of course better than 1! :rofl:

:rofl: hmm, I wonder… nah :rofl:

Thanks Boris! Any syncing of the video effect with music was co-incidental :rofl: Glad you liked it

Thanks Gordon. I have a soft spot for touching love ballads like this one.

:metal: :smiling_imp:

Thx James. Maybe I could be a session guitarist… by the time i’m 50 :roll_eyes: Haha. :rofl:


For some reason I misplaced this one but great stonking cover JK. As an Aker Daker, Rose Tattoo, Airbourne. Dead Daisies follower this ticked all the boxes. Good to get down and dirty !

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