Come Back Baby - Acoustic Blues

Hi Everyone,

I recently started recording myself and getting to know video editing.
This one I recorded about 2 months ago and I thought it was a first good video to share on this forum.

The song is not so well known, but for the people who like acoustic blues, it would be a good idea to check out the version of Eric Bibb or Dave Von Ronk. 2 of my favourite players.

I still make some faces while playing, so I’m working on that :smile:
Do feel free to let me know what you think and to what I should pay attention too.

Hope you’ll enjoy.


Hi Sebastian,
This is very good and good to hear way past a beginner and the next level where I hope to one day end up…:sunglasses: :clap:

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Enjoyed that. Don’t worry about the faces, adds character. Beyond my pay grade to comment on improvements, you are much more advanced than me.

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That was superb Sebastian! Acoustic blues is something I am slowly dipping my toes in the water with , so hopefully someday I will make it to your level. I really enjoyed that and look forward to hearing more from you! :sunglasses:

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That was faboulus! You have a great timing, and I am not really able to give any advice as this is way more advanced than my level. Great performance :clap::clap::clap:

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Enjoyed this a lot - sounded beautiful!

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Amazing mate, seemed like pro quality stuff.

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Congratulations on your first AVOYP posting Sebastian and what a way to do it. Your playing was lush.

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Hi Eddie,

Thanks for the kind words.
If you’re just starting out with acoustic blues guitar, it might be an idea to check out R.L. Burnside.
His tunes aren’t that difficult, but still very fun to play.


Take a bow Sebastian that was fantastic :clap:t3: :clap:t3: :clap:t3:

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Nice! RG

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Congratulations, Sebastian :clap::smiley:. Wonderfully played - very enjoyable :hugs:.

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Bravo and congrats on a first AVOYP, Sebastian. The fruit of the hours and hours of learning and practice are there to see … an inspiration to demonstrate what is possible.

You mentioned faces while you play. As much as possible I’d banish all concerns about faces from you thinking. All there is to work on there, in my opinion, is to become comfortable when you see the faces on a recording. As folk in the audience we are used to this, in fact many of our heroes make incredible faces and we see it as a sign of passion and emotion, connection and immersion in their playing.

You well above my playgrade but the one observation I’d make is that I’d like to hear the muted bass note coming through over the melody and rhythm played on the rest of the strings more strongly. It may be just a quality of the recording (the mic and it’s position) or perhaps something to consider in your playing.

That aside, which didn’t detract from my overall enjoyment, it was fabulous and look forward to more recordings from you.

Thanks a lot David, for your time and observations.

I like your point of view on the faces while playing. I’ve never thought of it that way, but I guess you’re right about that.
Regarding the muted bass note, I will pay attention to that and see if it is in my playing or recording, and experiment with that.

Have a nice week.

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Hey Sebastian,
Well that’s one helluva first post in AVOYP :open_mouth:
You are an uncomfortable reminder of the progress I could have made, had I actually concentrated on learning to play the guitar with Justin’s course, rather than just goof around, although I really do enjoy goofing around :rofl:
That’s part of the beauty of this website and forum, that it caters for such wide tastes, desires and abilities.
Not being that well-versed in the blues, that came across as extremely competent and expressive. (Reminds me somewhat of our Aussie friend Alex, @DavidP. Any news from him at all?)
Regarding facial expression, I was a bit disappointed, as I was expecting more (like this) . I love to see performers act/react to the music/setting.
I’m actually working on a song by a band from Antwerp at the moment.
Watch this space :laughing:

That was amazing Sebastian! That looks like an advanced acoustic blues, which you performed superbly. I can’t really find anything much to suggest, except to say I agree with David, that the bass rhythm would be nice if it were a little louder. One other thing you could do for a bit of fun to add rhythm is to tap your foot on a tambourine like Justin Johnson here. But really superb work!

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What an introduction, I really enjoyed that a lot. I will definitely check out Eric Bibb & Dave Von Ronk.

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Fraid not, Brian.

Awesome performance, really impressive.

I wasn’t expecting to hear something by Dave Van Ronk here, but it’s very welcome! For those who might not know, Van Ronk was one of the main guys in the early 60s folk scene in NYC. He appears in Scorsese’s documentary on Dylan (No Direction Home) and tells a funny story about how Dylan “borrowed” his arrangement of “House of the Rising Sun” for his (Dylan’s) first LP.

I wasn’t aware of Eric Bibb (until now), will definitely be checking him out.

Again, great job.

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Wanted to say thanks for the Eric Bibb recommendation - enjoying his music now!

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