Common Diatonic Chord Sequences

Let's put all the theory you know about Diatonic Quadads into practice.

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Axis of Awesome, indeed! Basically, I could have listened to “Four Chords” and saved myself a heap of trouble. LOL.


Is it common to mix the triad and quadad chord sequences? For example, to play I-V-VI-IV in the key of C as C-G7-Am7-F.

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Hi @BRab

The sort of sequence you mentioned …

… would be a very common sort of progression.
Majors and minors interspersed with major 7 and minor 7 and dominant 7.
You got the G7 right.
Important. Only the V chord becomes a dominant 7.
The I and the IV would become major 7.
The V chord (either as a straight major or as a dominant) often precedes the return to the 1 as it gives a satisfying resolution.
I hope that helps.

Cheers :smiley:

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