Community link gone?

Is it just me or has the “Community” link disappeared from the footer block on the dashboard?

I could find an old page in my history to get back here but no link anywhere else.

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Yeah, looks gone to me

Yeah, it’s what I primarily used to get here now I just favorited the site. I think the footer was a great place for the link though so hopefully they put it back.

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@alexisduprey @jkahn @FunkyFingers

It’s right where it always has been in the main menu. They changes Playground to Explore. Community is under interact.
You are correct it’s no longer in the footer.

@stitch I’m on mobile. Maybe just broken on mobile site.

@FunkyFingers @jkahn @alexisduprey Thanks for the feedback

@stitch Thanks for providing a response

@jk can you confirm, before I raise an issue, specifically what is broken, noting the feedback shared ie you should find a link to the Community Under Explore/Interact and it is no included in the website footer.

@DavidP Here is a screenshot of the main site on my iPhone, there used to be a link to community in the footer. Not there anymore, and doesn’t look like there are any other links. Personally I have a favourite saved in Safari direct to the community but I think plenty of people would use that link.

Thanks JK. That screenshot looks like the footer of the website. Is that the landing page when you log in to the website? Sorry for all the questions.

Yep, it’s the dashboard @DavidP. So when you log in to main the website it’s the main page there. Without that link in the footer this is no way to navigate to the community from there.

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Thanks JK. I’ll pass that on as an issue when accessing with a phone.

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Can I just add to this, don’t know if it makes a difference but I am in the uk. I use a iPad and I almost always view it in portrait orientation. This what I see when I click menu, no Explore

In trying to see what the issue was I turned my iPad to landscape and you get Explore, along the top, must admit I had never noticed it before

Hope this helps the Developers.

PS Silly question is there a link from community back to the webpage?


Thanks for further feedback, Michael.

I don’t think there is a return link from Community to Website. I’ll mention that when I share with the team.

JK, do you see the menu option that Michael highlighted?

That said, the menu option on both phone (both portrait and landscape) and tablet (in portrait) does not present the website main menu options.

That seems to me to be a bug, at least not what I’d expect.


The phone view looks similar (the same?) as the tablet portrait view. No explore, no link to community.

The tablet landscape view looks like the desktop view with all the links present.

I used the website footer to get here too. (Confirming it’s gone on my phone too)

Also wanted to suggest adding an easy link inside the dashboard if possible?

All the areas except the forum are pretty easy to access and well laid out, but the forum was hard to find because you needed to find it at the bottom of the page. (Not a huge deal, but it would be nice)

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As the OP, the reason I noticed this was because I had my dashboard as my normal linked landing page then I’d use the Community link to get here.

I had noticed that there was no link back to the Dashboard from here but because I had the favourites link Ijust used that.

Potentially the UI should have community and dashboard buttons under the profile image? Where the dahsboard link is when on the main webapage. That way you always go to the same place to go to your desired site i.e. dashboard or community page. (I lead a team of software developers and am often involved in U/UX conversations)

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Thanks Rhys. I have raised this with the Team.


Hey everyone! Thank you for the feedback. I’ll mention these issues to our Dev team and hope we have this fixed soon! Thank you all for your patience. Cheers :slight_smile: Fanny


It’s fixed! Thanks team!

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Thanks Tom. Can you confirm what you are referring to? I’ve had a look on my device and don’t see the link to the Community in the footer nor the Explore menu option in the menu display?

Hi David, I believe Tom is referring to the community link. I’ve had a look on my device and its in the footer under More (just above the link to the Chord Library)

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