Community user experience survey

Hi there,

Further to the work done to refresh Sub-categories and Etiquette/Guidelines in the Community Recordings Category, we thought it would be useful to survey the Community to gain a better sense as to how you use the Community Platform.

The survey is three simple questions.

You are also welcome to reply to this Topic with further comments focused on how you use the Platform.


The Mods

1. What is your default viewing option on the Home Page?

  • Categories
  • Latest
  • Top
  • Unread

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2. Have you configured Notifications in your Preferences?

  • Yes
  • No

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3. Do you place a Watch on Topics of interest?

  • Yes
  • No

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Hi David,
There should also have been: Are you 100% satisfied…I would have answered yes to that, and if that would be for almost everyone you would be done quickly :sweat_smile: :wink:…Good luck with all the work you are all doing :man_bowing:

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While categories is my default / preference, I always start by looking at New. And rarely go further.


Is it what is actual default view when I enter the Community or what is my own default as in which one I choose first when I start browsing? In any case I will reply to the latter.

I voted “unread” because it’s the second category I click every visit. The first is always “new” which wasn’t an option in the survey.

Perhaps it’s just me, but I’m not really a fan of the way the new community is laid out. Most forums have the main categories in a simple list, with sub-categories visible within them. This gives an overview of all available boards from the main page, without having to enter each one to see what it contains. It also allows for easy, instant navigation to any board you want right from the main page, whether it be a main or sub-category.

This current layout just isn’t very efficient, and for me personally, puts me off exploring at all. Hence why I only ever use the “new” and “unread” buttons.


What do you mean by ‘default user option’? When I open up the site it goes to whatever page I was on when I last left the site.

The default viewing option on the Home page is set under Preferences>Interface.


home page of the community? I don’t see a preferences tab.

Raymond @LesPaulMoreRay
If you click your avatar you should see this

Is this what you are looking for?

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when i click my avatar, i get a list of previous messages.

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Raymond @LesPaulMoreRay
Click the head and shoulders icon just below your avatar.

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ok, got ya, thanks


@roger_holland maybe an overall satisfaction survey will be one for the future. This one was driven with a specific focus on how people browse.

@adi_mrok this was specifically how your home page is set up (as per the image below). If you’ve not set this up and it opens in Categories and you immediately click Latest then you can set Latest up as your preference (apologies if you are aware of that and I am misunderstanding the reply)

@Goffik Ross, the survey options are based on what I saw on the home page (as per the image below). ‘New’ is not an option. Can you share what you do to access ‘New’?

I’m not sure if anything can be done to configure views on the home page; I will ask.

I notice that you can search for Category and Sub-category when viewing ‘Latest’ but not on ‘Categories’ and I agree making Sub-categories visible on the Categories view of the home page would be a more user-friendly experience.

@sairfingers Gordon, I see the question re default option has been answered. Thanks @jacksprat

Do you ever navigate back to the home page when browsing the site on your phone?

I do this on my phone by clicking Justin Guitar Community in the Top left corner of my screen. Then I see the home page with my selected option which is displayed top left below the divider line, as a drop down with the 4 options available (as per the survey options on Q1)

@LesPaulMoreRay Raymond, you’ll see the Preferences option as per the answer provided. Thanks @MAT1953. And Default Home Page setting is on the Interface selection on Preferences.


Thanks @jacksprat . You just saved me a few clicks each day. I now set up my default home page as latest. :slight_smile:


Of course. It’s an option, along with Latest and Unread, accessed from the menu in the top right, next to your avatar.

Everything should be fully configurable. I haven’t used this particular forum software myself, but it is used in other communities I’ve visited and they all use the more traditional forum layout.

@DavidP I really don’t understand what this survey is suppose to accomplish. If you take away any options people are going to bitch if you add options people are going to bitch. The best way to make this forum better is stop trying to make it better.
Ever since this new platform was launched you guys have tried to make changes just for the sake of making changes and not one has made the experience any better. In most cases it just complicated things and makes it harder to navigate.

Everything you need to navigate this forum is right in the Hamburger menu.
Latest, New and Unread. Personally I check New first because those are New Topic that where started when I was off line. Then I check Unread because those are the topics I’ve either read or commented in with new post added since I was off line.
I read the ones that interest me and dismiss the rest. Please don’t screw with this and try and make it better.

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Well, I abstained from the first one because I didn’t know you could do that, and no to 2 and 3 because I didn’t know how to do that either. I just read random threads that pop up for the most part when I pop into the community. I am totally unused to using this sort of forum. Not sure that helps, but I’m a newbie so there you go.

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@DavidP this is the problem. There are a lot of people Just like Rebecca and there is no real help for them to learn how to use this forum. On the other hand it’s a forum, they’ve been around as long as the internet. It doesn’t need to be this complicated.

Thank You for your comment Rebecca

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Maybe understand if everyone know what each function does? For example does anyone use the sidebar preferences?

Here’s the problem how do you teach everyone how to use the Forum.
If you get Richard to do it(sorry Richard) it would be so long and drawn out it would only add to the confusion.

You don’t need to know what each function of the forum is to navigate the forum, all you need is to understand three functions in the Hamburger Menu.

Survey question 1 What is your default viewing option on the Home Page.
Answer It does matter what the default is when your home page opens. What matters is what do you do next. I click on the Hamburger menu and click New if there are any New Topics.
If no New topic I click on Unread.

The other two question are personal preference and should be left as options.