Copyright, Strumming pattern, Posting an MP3/MP4 Question

Here I’m going alone the lines of asking permission before I do something that may or may not be a copyright issue as the source material is Justin’s Wonderwall tutorial.

I’m at Grade 2 Mod 8 and I’m working on Wonderwall. However, me being me, I’m working on the complex strumming pattern.

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Now in Justin’s Wonderwall tutorial he covers both parts of the strumming and then ties them together by playing the entire strumming pattern 3 times (12:15 to 12:39 in the video or there-abouts).

Now, me being me, 3 times ain’t enough. And stopping, trying to find the beginning of that Youtube segment and replaying it again for 24 seconds isn’t cutting it for me.

Sooo, I downloaded the video, cut the segment out between 12:15 to 12:39, made multiple copies of the segments, and merged them together. Now I’ve got a continuous MP4 of the strumming pattern for however many 24 second segments I wish to practice. And - I can slow it down, or speed it up.

@Richard_close2u or any other moderator
So here’s the $100,000 dollar question:
I’d like to share this concatenated/merged MP4 of Justin playing the strumming pattern over and over for a couple of minute with other aspiring Wonderwall newbies on the Justin Guitar site who may be looking to master the complex strumming pattern - by ear - and who like me can’t grasp it in 24 seconds.

However, I’m not about to post it on Youtube and share it here if there are issues doing so.
So I’m asking first. Ok? Not Ok? Maybe?

In the meanwhile (for the next couple of days) I’ll practice what I have until I’ve got it down, and then will post that as a MP3 or MP4. Now that I’ve got a multi-segment, continuously playing version of the strumming pattern, I’m pretty sure I’ll have it down this coming week.
Practice Makes Permanent! :guitar:

Well, never did get feedback but that’s ok. In Thailand when you ask questions and nobody answered you just assume the answer is “No.”

But, I managed to memorize the pattern (ingrained is more like it) and I’ve made videos of the strumming pattern for Wonderwall at different speeds - from slow to average and points in-between. Now posted at Wonderwall by Oasis Lesson - #34 by LamphunLamyai

Now that I’ve done that (it took a good chunk of my afternoon) I’ve got a suggestion. Why not have a Strumming Dropbox topic where JG members can drop videos of muted strumming patterns for songs for others to follow?
Just an idea - a central place in the forum to look for strumming patterns that other members have worked out, practiced, and then published for others to follow? Yeah? No? Maybe? Maybe not. Just a suggestion. :guitar: :grinning:

Hi Daniel.
In the lesson specific topic for Wonderwall I have posted the strumming pattern.
You don’t need to share an edited video of Justin’s lesson.

Got it! :+1:

That would be really limited use. Not much point. People learn different songs, there are millions of songs and many ways to play each song. And there are already references to them in Justin’s (and other teachers) youtube lessons.

The “strumming pattern” thing eventually becomes a bit irrelevant as well. Songs have a rhythm, not a strumming pattern. The strumming patterns in some lessons is a fast track to the rhythm… but more complicated songs vary the rhythm throughout anyway. Lots of songs have similar patterns, or variations on popular ones.

As you get more experience with guitar, figuring out the rhythm - the strumming pattern - becomes a lot easier as well. Justin already has the strumming machine for those that are struggling with them as well.


I tend to live outside “the box.” Trust me, it’s a curse. I see things. I have epiphanies. I analyze. I work thing out to make sense of them myself. Then I share.

:grin: “Silly idea.”

:confused: ok

Been there. More times than you can imagine in this life. Me being me.

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